How The German ‘Climate Change’ Agenda Is Destroying The NATO Alliance

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Everyone knows the German government of Angela Merkel pays very little for its own defense, preferring to rely on the American taxpayer and their nuclear umbrella for Deutschland’s defense and security. U.S. Presidend Donald Trump has been very vocal about the situation, demanding Germany increase its defense spending from the current 1.2% of GDP to 2% immediately, the NATO target, not in the next decade as Germany wants (Give me a hamburger today and I’ll pay you Tuesday).

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But there is a much bigger story here.

The real story is how the culturally Marxist ‘climate change’ agenda has pushed Germany into the arms of Moscow, potentially destroying the NATO alliance.

In 2011 Germany announced the end of nuclear power, declaring all nuclear power plants would be closed in 2011.

“As the first big industrialized nation, we can achieve such a transformation toward efficient and renewable energies, with all the opportunities that brings for exports, developing new technologies and jobs”, declared German Canchellor Angela Merkel at the time. But in an echo of Barack Obama, unfortunately for Germany, those ‘green energy’ jobs weren’t so economical as we thought’.

The transition to an all ‘renewable’ economy has been expensive. This has been true across the European Union, but it is hyper evident in Germany. Replacing the base load power from fossil fuels has proven more challenging after nuclear power plants have been shut down although the proportion of electricity generated by coal for domestic use has been falling year on year, writes Wikipedia.

In other words, Germany destroyed its energy infrastructure for a pipe dream of ‘renewable’ energy that is very expensive.

Enter stage left, Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation. You know, that country Senator John McCain famously called ‘a gas station masquerading as a country’.

Russia has a lot of cheap natural gas, an historically efficient and reliable source of energy. Guess what? Germany now needs cheap energy as those renewables are way too expensive and inefficient.

Finished in 2012, Nord Stream I already exists, a pipeline bringing 1.9 trillion cubic feet of natural gas from Russia direct to Deustchland. Now Merkel is pushing with Putin to develop Nord Stream II, doubling the capacity of cheap gas from Russia to German industry. The first sections of pipe are already being laid in the Baltic Sea.

In LIthuania this week, Merkel met with President Dalia Grybauskaite and the three Baltic prime ministers. Merkel listened to their security concerns about Nord STream II and essentially said she doesn’t care. She views the project in only economic terms. “It makes economic sense,” said Merkel. Grybauskaite, famous for pushing for NATO support and reassurance in the face of perceived Russian aggression in the Baltic region, and the hyper militarization of the neighboring, Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, was blunt with Merkel, “We regard it as a geopolitical project rather than a commercial or energy one. Our attitude is based on our experience, which, unfortunately, isn’t very good. We know what it means to be dependent on the supply of energy from one source, that is, from Russia,” reported Tsarizm.com.

The end result of all this is that Germany, in pushing for an industrial response to ‘climate change’, has become dependent on the Russian Federation for its energy. The main economic driver of the EU will now get 70% of its natural gas from Vladimir Putin. But don’t worry, its only an ‘economic’ project. This is a problem across the European Union.

What hogwash. Of course President Trump was right to call out the supposed NATO ally for its deceit and undermining of our joint security.

Climate change is a Marxist tool for control. In other words, communism in another name. Germany is destroying the NATO alliance for its own selfish dreams to chase a Marxist dream.

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President Grybauskaite, faced with the decision from her much more powerful ‘ally’, couldn’t help sticking it to Merkel tongue-in-cheek after the meeting. “We have confidence in Germany and the chancellor (and believe) that she will never betray the interests of Europe and will always honestly and persistently represent the interests of all peace-minded states, the EU and our interests.”


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