Merkel Tries To End Run Central European Security With European ‘Border Force’…And I have A Beach In Arizona To Sell You

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German Chancellor Merkel, after inviting and enabling the migration of millions of Islamic economic and political migrants into Europe, destroying the Continent’s culture and security forever, has been locked in a pitched battle with the nations of the Visegrad Group – Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, over the refusal of the group to abide by Brussel’s destructive immigration policies. The EU Parliament recently started legal procedures to sanction Hungary and Poland especially over their defiance of liberal Europe’s policies, looking to levy financial penalties. The new European budget calls for reductions in payments to developing, European countries, seen by all as a form of punishment for Central Europe.

Video: Farage Says Visegrad Group Will Bring Down European Union

Now it seems Merkel has come up with a plan. A plan to get what she wants and an attempt to save face for the leaders of the Visegrad Group. Unfortunately for her, it does not look like the Slavic countries are biting.

Her proposal is to develop a ‘European Security Force’ that would guard the borders of European countries, all run by Brussels of course. Reuters summed it up this way – The Czech Republic on Monday rejected German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s idea of a flexible European approach to migration underpinned by a European border police force, saying protecting frontiers should be up to individual countries. It seems Czechia doesn’t buy what Merkel is selling.

“The idea that Frontex will guard everything by itself is not realistic in the long term,” Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis told reporters when asked about her comments. “Individual states must guard that,” added Reuters.

Central Europe has found solace in the fact that Italy, Slovakia, Austria and others have begun to elect populist leaders who oppose Brussels politics of cultural destruction.

Visegrad Group Sees Anti-Migration Policies Spreading Throughout European Union

“So this opinion on migration will prevail in the whole of Europe, and we have to stop migration outside the European continent and help the people in Africa and Syria,” added Babis.

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