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Iran Continues Entrenchment Efforts In Deir Ezzor Area

Iran Continues Entrenchment Efforts In Deir Ezzor Area


The Iranian nuclear scientist Muhsen Fakhri Zadeh’s assassination on November 28,, 2020, dealt a severe blow to Iran. The assassination was not the first recent blow to the Iranian regime, following on from the killing of al-Quds Corps’ former Commander Qasem Suleimani by the US on January 3, 2020. 

Zadeh’s assassination also followed a series of strikes and fires in Iranian facilities over the recent period. It was widely reported that the reason for these fires were sabotage actions. 

Embarrassed by the successive strikes, Iran has initiated a media campaign to preserve its national “pride”; however, Iran is expected to respond directly to these strikes only in a minor way. Tehran’s economic and internal situation do not permit a conflict on Iranian soil. 

Given this consideration, it is expected that Iran will resort to mobilizing its proxies for strikes abroad. Iran controls proxies in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.  In this regard, particular attention should be paid to current Iranian activity in Deir Ezzor in Syria’s south west. Intense Iranian activity in this area has been largely ignored by western media…

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