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BREAKING: Zelenskiy Admits In Latvia Ukraine Can’t Pay Pensions, US Military Aid Was Mostly Grift For Defense Contractors

BREAKING: Zelenskiy Admits In Latvia Ukraine Can't Pay Pensions, US Military Aid Was Mostly Grift For Defense Contractors
Riga, Latvia

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KYIV – In this interview today in Riga, Latvia, President Zelenskiy allowed himself to talk more than normally allowed by his secret patrons from Washington D.C. and London. More specifically, Mr. Zelensky said:

1) There is no money to pay pensions for 12 mln pensioners (editor’s note: 18.5 mln pensioners in Ukraine).

2) 70% of the financing sent to Ukraine on paper was left in the USA and paid to US military contractors and various agencies.

3) Any military supplies sent to Ukraine were based on grants but based on credits. Thus, the debts of the country have increased.

We assess this current interview of Mr. Zelenskiy as 1) A desperate cry in agony 2) An attempt to accuse the patrons.

We estimate this interview will be noticed immediately by handlers in Washington D.C. and London and the response will follow very soon.

We foresee the following consequences for Mr. Zelenskiy:

1) Assassination 2) Trial 3) Maidan 4) Escape to Qatar. These 4 options may be in various sequence and may take from 1 month up to 1 year.

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