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Milei Is A Clone Of Zelenskiy – Another WEF Project

Argentina-Ukraine: A project president visits the inauguration of another project president. 

Source: El Pais

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KYIV – We would like to ask a question? Do you see similarities between the project-based presidents and the events that surround Ukraine and Argentina?

Strange similarities include:

  1. Both Milei and Zelenskiy stated they are for liberty, but they are both not liberals.
  2. Both stated they are solutions (whatever they meant) to the crises their countries face.
  3. Both declared radical change for their countries.
  4. Both come from “talkative” genres. Zelenskiy is a talkative clown-humorist, Milei is a talkative-radio and NGO activist.
  5. Both do not have real government related work experience. 

Yes. We realize these similarities are simple and blatant. 

We would like to point your attention to something else. They are look like clone-presidents. They look like they have come from one source — a project.

We have been observing the monetary situation in Argentina for quite a long time. 3 consecutive ministers of Central Bank, including Mr. Kaputo (Yes, it’s a real name for a President of the Central Bank of Argentina) could not solve the crisis problems in Argentina and now the inflation is 142% and the currency exchange reached 381 Peso per 1 USD.

We understand that clone-presidents are not the remedy for crises. We will continue to observe the situation in Argentina and Ukraine. As you may know both these countries are in the synthetic rating of VAPU. VAPU includes: Venezuela, Argentina, Pakistan, Ukraine. 

In the end, Zelenskiy has no where to fly but to VAPU. Now, VAPUU – Venezuela, Argentina, Pakistan, Ukraine, Uruguay.

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oldbat December 11, 2023 at 2:02 pm

he hasnt served as prez long enough to judge him, but the climate agreement doesnt bode well. in order to solve the inflation problem, there must be austerity, including from him personally, for longer than he will be prez.

Steve Seneker December 12, 2023 at 7:25 am

Your comparison is based solely on conjecture. Would you rather have the leftest as President? Hopefully you are wrong proving that you are the globalist puppet….


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