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BREAKING: What game Is The Washington Post Playing With FSB Agent Yermak And Nordstream? Read The Truth Below

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KYIV – Our attention caught the new scandal that was initiated by news agencies in the USA and Ukraine.

In this new scandal, Colonel Chervinsky is accused of organizing the bombing of the Nordstream gas pipeline.

Context: Colonel Chervinsky is under arrest in Kyiv now, being accused of wrong actions that (suspiciously) led to the bombing of the airport of Kanatovo in the Kyrovohrad area in Ukraine.

In order for you to grasp the importance of Colonel Chervinskiy…

  1. Yermak ordered the extradition of Colonel Tsemakh to Russia despite the fact that the office of Military Intelligence (HUR) objected, and previously led the operation to arrest Colonel Tsemakh.
  2. Colonel Tsemakh is the main witness regarding the aircraft accident of Boeing MH17 that was shot down over Ukraine near Donetsk, and he was not kept in Ukraine for public open trial but sent to Russia.
  3. The investigation of MH17 crash is halted.

The text on the picture translated into English:

Yermak deceived the intelligence officers by betraying Tsemakh, said Chervinsky.

The head of the Presidential Office, Andrei Yemrak, promised not to rush into the exchange of former DPR militant Vladimir Tsemakh, who is directly related to the crash of a Malaysian Boeing in the summer of 2014, so that he has time to testify. But he deceived me.

Ex-employee of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Roman Chervinsky spoke about this in an interview with Fakty.

He said that Ukrainian intelligence had been preparing the operation to detain Tsemakh for a year. A tracker was attached to his car, and his daily schedule was displayed down to the minute.

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“And about ten in the morning (everything is calm, an empty yard), as soon as Tsemakh, having returned home, opened the door to the apartment, our man came in with him and invited him to go to Donetsk, where they were supposedly waiting for him to talk. Tsemakh tried to refuse. But five minutes later he was ready to go out. The second employee was waiting in the car at the entrance. There was a folded wheelchair in the car. They put him in the back seat behind the driver and drove him away,” Chervinsky said.

According to the intelligence officer, Tsemakh was ready to “tell everything.” [Inform on Russia shooting down MH17] However, he head of the OP Andrei Yermak insisted that Tsemakh was not a witness, and that Ukraine gave investigators from the Netherlands the opportunity to carry out the necessary investigative actions.

“Even from this episode I am convinced that he [Yermak] indirectly works for Russia,” the officer noted and added that investigators needed time. They asked Yermak to delay the extradition of the militant – two exchanges were planned in 2019 — in September and December.

“He promised: “Okay, I heard you. I’ll include Tsemakh for exchange in December.”

But in September he came and demanded — “Give Tsemakh.”

Why? You promised.”

“No, no, this is an order. Give everyone to Russia.”

I’m sure that if Tsemakh had not been handed over, he would have told everything,” Chervinsky added.

So you have the man who knows the truth about President Zelenskiy’s aid and his work betraying Ukraine and working for Russia, being accused of the Nordstream bombing.

It would be humorous if it wasn’t so corrupt.

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