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BREAKING: Ukrainian Government Surrendered Its People And Southern Territories In Secret Collusion With Russia

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KYIV – Ukraine’s government is in a long-lasting, agonizing process of collapse. However, the agony doesn’t stop Zelenskiy and his partner Yermak from continuing the money laundering of unprecedented scale that would shame former president Yanukovich, his puppets and their money laundering activities. 

In this article we would like to show the facts that led to the war and how Zelenskiy and Yermak surrendered the Ukrainian people and territories to Russia. 

Prior to the war starting in Feb 22d of 2022, Zelenskiy had a secret meeting in Oman organized by his aide Yermak. 

Embassy of Russia in Oman

Meeting in Oman

Source of the picture: https://www.bbc.com/ukrainian/news-51501386

Why Oman? Not an economic partner of Ukraine, not a strategic ally. The meeting was organized by Yermak, Andrei, who is confirmed by many sources as an agent of GRU. Yermak has an network of contacts in the Russian Duma, Russian Army, Russian GRU, and, also, boasts a contact network with Ukrainian and Russian oligarchs. More specifically, Roman Abramovich and his people are a central channel of communication between Yermak, Russia and GRU. Yermak and Abramovitch are in contact via several people in the network of Abramovitch.

Source: https://ria.ru/20220329/abramovich-1780610860.html

Andrei Yermak is considered a point of contact for British and US intelligence sources. Thus, Yermak, despite his activities to usurp power in Ukraine, is considered a “cooperative asset” by intelligence and army sources from strategic and long-term rivals: Russia, the UK, the USA. Both Zelenskiy and Yermak control verticals of corruption in Ukraine through the puppet ministers in the Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine and the fake parliament.

There is a secret group of GRU collaborators in the government of Ukraine, in many governmental organizations and agencies. The center point of the network of contacts with Russia is Andrei Yermak.

Zelenskiy flew to Oman to meet Patrushev, the head of the Russian intelligence agency. It’s presumed the meeting took place in the Russian embassy in Oman (https://oman.mid.ru/ru/). Patrushev flew to Oman with a government airplane. In order to cover the meeting at the embassy, Yermak organized a fake meeting with Oman’s minister of external affairs. Please, see the pictures below. In order to frighten Zelenskiy and send strict orders to confirm the intentions of Russia, an airplane that belongs to MAU Airlines (Kolomoiskiy, a sponsor of Zelenskiy) was shot down in Teheran (see the pictures below). 


Zelenskiy returned back to Kyiv in an aircraft of the same airline. The airplane then flew back to Moscow.

Source: https://ctrana.news/news/249818-zelenskij-i-patrushev-byla-li-tajnaja-vstrecha-v-omane-.html

According to the source (youtube video, please, see below), Zelenskiy promised to allow water access to Crimea and other points of collusion.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcgV8h2uQPE

What happened in Oman? Zelenskiy and Russians agreed on steps to establish a protectorate of Moscow in the South of Ukraine. That collusion agreement led Zelenskiy to deny any plans of Russia to attack and invade Ukraine later. Zelenskiy played dumb on many interviews and public TV address telling Ukrainians that “there would be no war with Russia”. 

Based on the order from the Office of the President, Yermak ordered to demine Chongar strip that leads to the Crimean Peninsula. Mariupol city port waters were also demined. The troops were withdrawn from the South of Ukraine prior to the beginning of the war. The secretary of Zelenskiy Podolyak confirmed in one of his speeches and interviews that “they (the office of the President” hoped that Russians are civilized people and they would not harm the civilians”). 

Despite the warnings from the USA, the Ukrainian government didn’t evacuate people from the borders and the territories of Ukraine. There are numerous facts, that Ukrainian troops were withdrawn approximately 200 km from the borders of Ukraine-Russia. It took 3 hours for Russian troops to enter 200 km of Ukraine and move even further. Both sides violated the secret Oman agreements. That’s when part of Ukrainian army understood that something was wrong and the war started. Part of Ukrainian army generals didn’t know about the collusion agreements and those generals were not aware of the upcoming attack, though the analysis gave that information. 

This is why there were no preparations made to defend the borders of Ukraine and prevent the advance of Russian army on the territory of Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian government is controlled by usurpers who close any investigations before anything appears. The war is used by all parties to drain the country and launder the money. 







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surrendered? didn’t 90% vote to join Russia… an act of self-determination whcih of course that guy from israel could veto if he wanted… s that’s what freedom is allabout


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