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Ukraine Thanks Biden For $13 Billion By Attacking Critical US And EU Infrastructure

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This article is part of a series showing the inside effort of 300,000 Ukraine IT Army volunteers committing terrorist acts in their own countries across the world.

Zelensky’s Ukraine is directing attacks targeting the New York Stock Exchange and any companies they see as neutral to the current conflict or doing business with Russia.

The New York Stock Exchange is critical infrastructure and the wealth, pensions, and livelihood of Americans are at stake. 

Where’s the proof? Can Conservatives support Biden’s war knowing Ukraine is taking credit for attacking US infrastructure on one of their Telegram accounts? Journalists wanting to open this up should visit any of the IT Army pages on Telegram.

For readers in the EU who don’t understand the import, Ukraine is targeting Ukraine-friendly Germany’s infrastructure.

If they were careless enough to make these two events public, what else are they doing?

According to the Hill, The decision to leave Russia came a day after Deutsche Bank told its staff it would not be pulling out of Russia despite dozens of other companies and banks doing so. 

“Like some international peers and in line with our legal and regulatory obligations, we are in the process of winding down our remaining business in Russia while we help our non-Russian multinational clients in reducing their operations. There won’t be any new business in Russia,” the bank said.

Here’s how #UkraineITArmy works. They have over 300,000 volunteers from across the Ukrainian and Central European Diasporas.

Because of the sheer volume of volunteers, the communications have to stay semi-public while staying low-key. 

The other side to the IT Army is the I-Army SCL-IOTA Global helped set up in 2015 for Information Operations. Using the sheer weight of numbers, they formed the deplatforming companies used in social media to destroy influencers and fact-based news journalists and platforms opening up what is going on in Ukraine or exposing Obama-Clinton-Biden.

This begins with comments, then complaints, followed by deplatforming. I’ve been exposing this since the beginning of 2015 and the buildup can be followed from January 2015 through today at: https://muckrack.com/george-eliason/portfolio/list

If the Conservatives don’t wake the Hell up to this and call it out, Ukraine will have successfully taken over the top end of the US Executive Branch thanks to Obama-Clinton-Biden as well as the US Congress and Senate thanks to Nancy Pelosi and Adam Shiff-ty, due to the overload of graft flowing in.

Give up without firing a shot, I dare you. The other alternative is to push facts and evidence based journalism opening this up to the public so they can see. It can all be stopped and reset easy enough when the will is there. Read my lips: Ukraine is attacking Americans on American soil, your response is….?

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