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Russia Says Trump May Punish Ukraine For Flirting With China

Russia Says Trump May Punish Ukraine For Flirting With China
Bolton meets with Ukrainian President Zelensky

Tsarizm wrote previously about the Trump administration’s decision to delay, and possibly cancel, military aid to Ukraine in the 2019 fiscal year. It seems the reason may have been Ukraine’s dealing with China, while accepting American defense dollars.

Russian state news agency TASS said as much in a trolling article today aimed towards its Ukrainian adversary.

Stanislav Tkachenko, an expert of the Valdai international discussion club, highlighted the recent trip of U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton to Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian officials. Tkachenko noted the ‘resolute’ opposition of Bolton to the Chinese agenda.

“John Bolton is sure to have told both [US President Donald] Trump and the Department of State that Ukraine has been tightly flirting with China, so pressure on Ukraine could be quite promising from the point of view of containing China in Eastern Europe,” Tkachenko noted.

“Today, Ukraine is a very difficult agent for the United States, requiring a lot of resources, which doesn’t fit into Trump’s model of international relations and global politics. He apparently thinks that international relations are to rest on mutual advantages, on reciprocity and Ukraine is only a recipient of assistance, lots of assistance,” he said.

Moreover, Trump has not forgiven Ukraine for its open support to his rival, Hillary Clinton, during the presidential race in 2016. “Of course, Ukraine’s leadership has changed by the new leader has not yet shown himself on that matter,” he added, reported TASS.

Bolton visited Ukrainian President Zelenskiy in Kyiv last week.

According to the U.S. Embassy, the two discussed “how (the) U.S. can support Ukraine in its efforts to integrate more closely into the Euro-Atlantic community and to protect its industry from the risks of unfair Chinese economic practices,” reported The Kyiv Post.

Bolton is reportedly trying to block the pending sale of Ukrainian aerospace manufacturer Motor Sich to Chinese holding Beijing Skyrizon Aviation.

“We are planning to talk about a number of transactions (of Ukraine with China). I don’t want to focus on one,” he told Evropeiska Pravda. “Defense and sensitive technology should not get in the hands of potential opponents.”

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Gavrick September 4, 2019 at 2:20 pm

Well, let’s see, . . . we’ve pretty much thrown Russia into the arms of the Chinese, and Ukraine has got one weak economy. Nope. I got nothing.


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