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Russians Agree With Repression Of Protests Says Poll

Russians Agree With Repression Of Protests Says Poll
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Muscovites agree with the repression of recent protests over independent candidates being removed from the ballet for upcoming municipal elections.

“As many a 61% of Muscovites and 69% of Russians in general agree with the authorities’ tough actions during the unauthorized rally,” the Russian Public Opinion Research Center said, reported Russian state news agency TASS.

The polar-opposite view was expressed by 26% of Muscovites and 23% of Russians nationwide. In general, 83% of the respondents in the Russian capital and 59% of people in other regions said they were aware of the July 27 rally in Moscow.

Sociologists also found out the views of Muscovites on the registration denials to the Moscow City Duma election imposed against those candidates who committed violations during their nomination. “Every second respondent in Moscow (54%) agreed with the Moscow City Election Commission’s decision to deny registration to those candidates. As many as 29% of those polled expressed a dissenting opinion,” the pollster noted.

Many older residences have voiced opinions that many of the young protesters were from out of town and just here for ‘action’ with hormones raging. Meanwhile, government officials announced the leaders of the protests which were arrested will be held in detention until December.

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