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Crypto Update: Eastern Europe

Crypto Update: Eastern Europe
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Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science, (Rosobrnadzor) will implement blockchain technology in the country’s main graduation examination, Russian state news agency TASS reported Feb. 5.

Starting this year, Rosobrnadzor intends to implement blockchain technology in the Unified State Exam (USE), which is the only form of graduation examinations in schools and the main form of preliminary examinations in universities in Russia. The announcement was made by he head of the Federal Service, Sergey Kravtsov, who stated, “We also talked about the use of blockchain technology in the USE, and this year this technology will be used in the USE, using new technologies of printing and scanning [of the exam].”

Over the past few months there have been multiple reports that the Albanian government are considering making the country a “crypto-friendly” jurisdiction.

Various posts on crypto-news websites have spoken of the government mulling over crypto-regulation in a bid to become a regional hub for the controversial industry. The official line is that they hope to create new jobs and diversify investment opportunities in the industry.

Despite having previously and recently issued warnings about the industry and the dangers of investing in the largely unregulated market, they government now seem to have changed its tune, reported our sister site, Exit.al/en.

“For the moment, we are assessing and working on the drafting of a regulatory framework after having conducted a thorough analysis and study. If the results are satisfactory, then we will promote even outside Albania, the country’s willingness to become a hub for numerous potential investors that target getting involved in this revolution of global finances,” stated Edi Rama, Albania’s Prime Minister.

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