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Video: Snowstorm From Hell Causes Killer Car Pile Ups Near Moscow

A snowstorm from Hell is causing massive dislocation and suffering in Moscow and the surrounding areas. 20,000 people are without power and hundreds of flights have been cancelled from Moscow airports.

Sputnik News is calling the event the ‘snowstorm of the century’, the biggest in 50 years. At least 2 feet of snow have fallen in a very short time.

Local meteorologists consider this epic storm to be the strongest in the history of recorded measurement. On February 4, in a 12 hour period, about 53 percent of the normal monthly precipitation fell. The expected snow layer thickness is estimated to be at least 63 centimeters, wrote Sputnik.

Russians posted some humors images on Instagram shown here on Sputnik.

The video below shows an at least 30 car pile up south of the Russian capital, near Simpheropolskoe Shosse, Tchekov town.

"Никогда такого не было и вот опять!.." Как обычно, #снег #snow пошёл ВНЕЗАПНО.

Posted by Григорий Погосян on Saturday, January 26, 2019

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