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Hungary Lays Out Anti-Immigration Platform As EU Parliamentary Elections Approach

Hungary Lays Out Anti-Immigration Platform As EU Parliamentary Elections Approach
Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Viktor Orbán at the EPP Political Assembly, 20 March 2019
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European People’s Party

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party has laid out its anti-immigration platform ahead of the European Parliamentary elections in May with a seven point plan to counter Brussel’s push to bring more migrants onto The Continent, a process which has harmed Europe’s culture and security forever.

Hungary has refused migrant quotas, along with other Central European nations like Poland, and even built a barbed wire fence along its border with neighbors to the south and west.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban called for migration to be controlled by national governments, not European Union bureaucrats and repeated his view that no country should be forced to accept immigrants against its will. Orban also urged the EU to stop funding civic groups that support asylum-seekers and said “no one in Europe should suffer discrimination” because they are Christians, reported ABC News.

“At stake is whether the EU will have pro-immigration or anti-immigration leaders,” Orban declared at a party gathering today. “We will decide whether to defend our Christian European culture or yield the terrain to multiculturalism.”

Hungary has also worked to force NGOs out of the country that are pushing the migration issue into Europe and vowed to work against Christian persecution. “No one in Europe should suffer discrimination” [because they are Christians], Orban declared.

“There is a bubble in Brussels, the virtual world of the privileged European elite, which has become detached from reality…Hungarians … want the European Union, but have had enough of how things are going in Brussels and they want change.”

Hungary is aligning itself with other populist parties and politicians in Europe such as Italy’s Matteo Salvini who has also prevented more migrants from entering Italy, forcing ships to dock at other ports outside his country.

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