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Kremlin Says Biden’s Recognition Of Turkish Armenian Genocide Hypocritical, Only Meant To Inject US Into Southern Caucasus

Kremlin Says Biden's Recognition Of Turkish Armenian Genocide Hypocritical, Only Meant To Inject US Into Southern Caucasus
Map of states that existed in the Caucasus as of 1801. It was created by Department of History at the Caucasian Military Headquarters, Tiflis, Russian Empire, 1901

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Russian state-controlled press today declared the *Biden administration’s recognition of the Turkish Armenian genocide was a hypocritical ploy to inject the United States into the Southern Caucasus, historically a Russian sphere of influence.

US President Joe Biden officially recognized the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire, backing Yerevan in its century-old spat with Turkey. His statement became the biggest international victory for Yerevan, making Joe Biden a real hero in the eyes of all Armenia and the Armenian diaspora in the world…raised the stakes in the struggle for influence in the Caucasus – Russia’s sphere of strategic interest...reported Russian state media agency TASS.

Chief Research Fellow at the Institute for US and Canadian Studies Vladimir Vasiliev believes that in addition to pressure on Turkey, President Biden’s recognition of the Armenian genocide pursued another goal – to join the struggle for leadership in the Caucasus after the second Karabakh war, in an attempt to win over Armenia, Moscow’s key ally in the region. “President Biden is trying on the toga of a logistical peacekeeper in the Transcaucasus, considering that this does not require large expenditures and efforts and offers a full-scale PR effect, presenting him as a real hero in the eyes of the Armenian diaspora in the United States and throughout Armenia. At the same time, a model of regional exacerbation is being worked out, and the current US administration expects to reap its benefits,” the expert said.

Russia fought a war with Georgia in the Southern Caucasus in 2008 and still retains troops in the breakaway territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The George W. Bush administration gave support to the Georgian government which angered Moscow and may have led to the conflict.

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