Turkey Agrees To Back Finland, Sweden NATO Bid – US Claims It Offered ‘No Concessions’

Geopolitical Tensions Heat Up In Baltic Region

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Turkey Agrees To Back Finland, Sweden NATO Bid – US Claims It Offered ‘No Concessions’

(Update-1630ET): A big breakthrough is being reported at the end of the first day of the NATO summit in Madrid, Spain as it appears Turkey has budged on the Scandinavian membership issue related the Ukraine war. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg has hailed that a deal has been reached to proceed with admitting Sweden and Finland into the alliance, citing that Turkey’s concerns which held up the application process have been resolved. Turkey, Sweden and Finland reportedly signed a “joint memorandum” after coming to agreement: 

“Our joint memorandum underscores the commitment of Finland, Sweden and Turkey to extend their full support against threats to each other’s security,” Finnish President Sauli Niinisto said in a statement. “Us becoming NATO allies will further strengthen this commitment.”

Importantly, the PKK has been proscribed a ‘terrorist organization’ according to the agreement, which appears to be fulfilment of the biggest ask being demanded of Ankara…

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