NATO Row Erupts As Latvia Blasts Germany’s “Immoral & Hypocritical” Russia, China Ties

1856 Picture Map of the Baltic Sea from Schaufenster Kartensammlung Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek

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In yet further signs that Russia’s troop build-up near Ukraine has resulted in significant cracks in the NATO alliance, as days ago leading European countries very visibly broke with the more hawkish agenda of the US, UK, and some Baltic allies (opting instead for diplomacy as opposed to constantly escalating confrontational rhetoric) – Latvia is going on the attack, lashing out at Germany for its seemingly ‘compromised’ relations with Russia and China.

Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks slammed Germany’s “immoral and hypocritical” relationship with Russia and China, accusing Berlin of driving a wedge between eastern and western Europe, at a time that unity is paramount. “It’s immoral and hypocritical. It’s driving a division line between west and east in Europe,” Pabriks said in the Financial Times interview published Friday.

“How are you acting yourself when it comes to Lithuania, Russia, China?” Pabriks asked hypothetically of Germany. He answered his own question: “It’s immoral and hypocritical. It’s driving a division line between west and east in Europe…”

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