Globalist RFERL Complaining About Middle Eastern Migrants Being Let Into Lithuania By Belarus…Priceless

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RFERL has historically been pro ‘progressive’ in its reporting, consistently supporting the great migrations into Europe and the United States.

This reality makes the video below quite humorous to watch, seeing them complain as Belarus turns globalist tactics back on the EU.

Turkey also used this strategy against the European Union in retribution.

We have written extensively that the West has lost all moral authority and now is run by a corrupt oligarchy, same as in Eastern Europe.

Some 1,500 people have illegally crossed from Belarus into EU member Lithuania this summer — more than 20 times the number in all of 2020. Lithuanian leaders say Belarus is allowing migrants from third countries to transit to the European Union as a form of retaliation against the bloc, writes RFERL.

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Tracy Jamieson July 18, 2021 at 6:23 pm

Who is giving these migrants money and promoting them to go to Belarus? And also, I thought the EU wants to take in millions of migrants. Why wouldn’t Lithuania be on board with this? Is Putin trying to destabilize the Baltics?


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