Vucic Rallies Kosovo Serbs Against Government Decision To Take Control Of Electric Station

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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has warned Kosovo Serbs that the government of Kosovo may soon take control of an electric station in the north of the country.

“This would be catastrophic for us, terrible news for our people,” Vucic said at a meeting with Speaker of Parliament Ivica Dacic, Serbian media outlet B92 reported.

An electric station in Zvecan distributes 85 percent of electricity in the north of Kosovo. 

The Kosovo government spent €11 million to cover the 6-month bill for electricity losses in the four Serb-majority municipalities in the north—North Mitrovica, Zubin Potok, Zvecan and Leposavic.

Serbs in the north of Kosovo have not paid energy bills for the last 22 years, since the end of the Kosovo war in 1999.

Vucic warned that Serbs will “take actions” if the Kosovo government tries to take the station under control.

“I’m not sure this will be a good thing for them either. They need to think carefully about their decisions. We have nowhere to go, we can only take actions that are dictated to us through no fault of our own,” Vucic said.

Serbia rallied Kosovo Serbs against the police when the government imposed a tax on cars entering the country.

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