Serbian President Says Compromise Only Solution For Normalization Of Relations With Kosovo

Serbian President Says Compromise Only Solution For Normalization Of Relations With Kosovo

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President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic told Parliament on Tuesday that compromise is the only solution to the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

While informing MPs about the meeting held with Kosovo’s Prime Minister Albin Kurti, Vucic said that there is no need for the conflict with Kosovo to remain frozen, and a compromise would be necessary. However, he also mentioned that it is still unclear to him what compromise would look like in this case.

Vucic pointed out that “the western powers won’t change their attitude and whatever happens they will advocate independence for Kosovo and secession from Serbia at any cost.”

Belgrade-based N1 reports that Vucic claimed that officials from Prishtina told European Union High Representative, Josep Borell, and his envoy, Miroslav Lajcak, that they are not interested in anything signed by previous Kosovo governments.

“For Kurti, the only topic was: when will we recognize Kosovo’s independence?” Radio Free Europe quotes Vucic as saying. The answer, according to him, was “Never.”

“It is a much more difficult and more serious situation for both us and them […] A compromise solution is something we must seek,” Vucic said.

After Vucic’s speech, Shaip Kamberi, an ethnic Albanian MP, called for Serbia to accept that Serbian forces had been responsible for killing Albanians.

“As an Albanian, I see a future in the European Union, but also for the normalization of relations with Serbia. The formula for coexistence in the Balkans is understanding. Everything else leads to bloody wars,” Kamberi said.

He added that Serbia must understand it is negotiating with people whose children have been killed by Serbian forces.

While Vucic responded by saying that Serbia is for peace and will not apologize to anyone.

“Neither Kurti, nor anyone coming from Prishtina. Serbia will never get tired of Kosovo,” Vucic remarked.

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Pishta June 23, 2021 at 3:10 pm

Interesting to hear a Serbian use the word “compromise” at all, let alone in reference to Kosovo. I’m sure he means something else entirely, something more like “Kosovar complete capitulation,” or maybe “Albanian acknowledgement of total defeat.”


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