US Ambassador To Albania Urges Investigation Of Electoral Crimes, Ignores US Fraudulent Election

US Ambassador To Albania Urges Investigation Of Electoral Crimes, Ignores US Fraudulent Election

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US Ambassador to Albania Yuri Kim called on the Prosecutor General to investigate all electoral crimes related to the April 25 elections.

Kim made her statement during a meeting held Monday in Pogradec with victims coordinators from Korça, Elbasan, and Pogradec, where she was accompanied by the Prosecutor General Olsian Çela.

“The Prosecutor General and I talked about the continuing importance of pursuing electoral crimes and in all cases where there is a crime the victims must be satisfied and the perpetrators must be punished,” Kim stated.

Ambassador Kim mentioned that Prosecutor General Çela and her also talked about the need to maintain high standards for all prosecutors and how to offer more support to victim coordinators whom she described as essential to the justice reform process.

She refused to answer questions about the dismissal of President Ilir Meta, adding that she wanted the day to focus on justice reform and how to support victim coordinators.

Prosecutor General Cela also made a statement, specifying that the meeting revolved around the support that the US and Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training (OPDAT) mission gave to Albania in strengthening the role of victim coordinators. He added that women, children and most vulnerable people in Albanian society should be the focus of the coordinators’ support.

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Jeff June 14, 2021 at 9:06 am

This makes perfect sense, our embassador, a Chinese woman. Not mentioning the fact that they, the Chinese have bought (stolen) our election. Operated along party lines, Democratic, they reveal others crimes to take the spotlight of themselves for committing the very crimes they’ve committed. Democrats are destroying other countries, as well as America. They just didn’t realize that Americans are smarter than they thought. Time to really drain our swamp so other nations can take up the game, and do so in their own countries. Democratic theft has another issue to deny now, time for the entire democratic party to be erased, worldwide. Wouldn’t Saul salinski be proud of the way killary Clinton screwed up his dream. She couldn’t even win a rigged election.


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