No Final Deal With Serbia Without A Solution On Missing Persons, Says Kosovo’s Minister Of Justice

No Final Deal With Serbia Without A Solution On Missing Persons, Says Kosovo’s Minister Of Justice

Kosovo’s minister of Justice, Selim Selimi stated on Wednesday that there will be no final agreement with Serbia that will not include a solution for the missing persons.

Reporting at the parliamentary committee on Human Rights, Selimi said that the issue of missing persons will be the first to be discussed in the dialogue.

The basic principles for an effective solution of the issue were set during the three dialogue meetings held at experts level in Brussels, according to him.

“The agreement in Brussels foresees the creation of a joint commission that will be headed by an EU representative, and that will be responsible to shed light on the missing persons issue,” Selimi stated.

He noted that Serbia continues to play an obstructive role in the process, despite having “sufficient information on the locations of missing persons”.

Selimi recalled that the issue is also part of the documents signed by Kosovo and Serbia at the White House in September.

1,643 people are still missing in Kosovo, 21 years after the war ended.

The “Mother’s Call” Association representing the families of missing persons in Kosovo, requested on Tuesday to be part of the dialogue with Serbia, and to condition it with a solution on finding and returning the bodies of the missing persons home.

The reaction came following a statement of the deputy prime minister and foreign minister of Serbia, Ivica Dacic, who stated during an interview:

“What do we do with some Serbs who tell Croats and Albanians where their missing conationals are buried across Serbia, and similar stupidities?”

The speaker of Kosovo Parliament, Vjosa Osmani commenting on this said that the leadership of Serbia hasn’t changed since the times of Slobodan Milosevic, and “Serbia is still led by these deplorable genocidal minds.”

Dacic’s statement sparked reactions from the local and internationalcommunity.

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