North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zaev Proposes Snap Election after EU Setback

North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zaev Proposes Snap Election after EU Setback

North Macedonia’s prime minister Zoran Zaev proposed snap general elections today, after European leaders could not agree on opening EU accession talks with country one day before.

In a press conference in capital Skopje, Zaev said the EU had made a “historical mistake” but that he had decided to take responsibility on his part and propose a snap election so that citizens can elect a new government.

There is no time to lose, and therefore my proposal is to organize a quick snap election, as soon as possible, election in which you, the citizens, will decide on the path our country should go forward.

Yesterday President Pendarovski called a meeting of the Macedonian political leaders on Sunday to discuss the situation following the failure in opening accession talks. Zaev stated today that he will propose his resignation and as quick as possible tomorrow’s meeting.

Along with North Macedonia, Albania was also not given a green light to open accession talks with the EU.

Shortly after the European Council summit ended on Thursday, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Edi Rama, accompanied by Acting Minister Gent Cakaj went on a press conference, where he vehemently denied any responsibility for the lack of a positive decision for Albania’s progress in its EU path. Rama blamed the “EU’s internal problems” and said there was no reason for him to resign.

Following Zaev’s statement today, Cakaj repeated on Facebook that the EU leaders decision related “internal discrepancies” only:

[Here] today, to clarify one more time a very clear situation:

Postponement of discussions on the negotiations issue did not come as a result of negative political judgments on Albania and North Macedonia but as a result of the internal discrepancies between member countries regarding the future of the EU.

The opposition in Albania has blamed the failure on Prime Minister Edi Rama and called for his resignation and a snap election.

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