Albania Smear Campaign Exposes Globalist Agenda

Albania Smear Campaign Exposes Globalist Agenda
Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama

We have written extensively over the last several years about the globalists’ agenda in the Balkans and the closeness of the Edi Rama government to the organization of George Soros, a leading champion of that agenda. Even German Chancellor Angela Merkel has come out against the proposed “land swap” between Kosovo and Serbia — supposedly done to tidy up ethnic borders in the region — on the grounds that it could end up making things much worse.

Events in Tirana, the capital of Albania, over the last few weeks offer new insights into how this mindset offered up by the liberal American billionaire and his allies plays out in weak countries in Eastern Europe and around the world.

With judicial reform in Albania having all but collapsed, enabling corrupt oligarchs in the country to push laws through parliament regardless of constitutional procedures, the Rama government is now in crisis. Albanian prosecutors have uncovered audio tapes of government officials rigging recent elections to the detriment of the opposition. In response, the opposition Democratic Party members of parliament have resigned their mandates, possibly leaving the government without a quorum.

The Brussels globalists of the European Union have warned the move may hinder Albania’s accession to the EU, corruption be damned. The specter of violence has been raised by the left in order to marginalize opposition political efforts. Thousands of Albanians have demonstrated in the streets of Tirana, demanding “Rama Eick!” — Rama Go!

So what has the Rama political machine done? Why, pull out the old communist suppression playbook, of course. This week, an English resident of Albania, writing in the Exit.al, the country’s largest independent news organization in the country, was tarred as a — you guessed it — Russian agent. The justification for this smear was the fact that she gave a comment to the Russian news website RT on the anti-government protests which are growing in power.

The author, Alice Taylor, responded that she’s been called many things in her life, but never a Russian agent.

“Libel, slander, defamation are illegal here and abroad, and they are matters that are taken very seriously within the European Union,” she said. ” … The lies that have been propagated about me over the last few hours are really quite shocking for a country and a government that so desperately wants to be considered as European.”

It’s obvious that the same architects of the “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative in the West’s mainstream media must be advising the Rama political machine behind the scenes in Albania.

The European Parliament’s Special Rapporteur on Albania Knut Fleckenstein showed the EU’s arrogance when he condemned the Albanian people merely for standing up to a corrupt government,

“I am losing my patience with the position of the opposition MPs,” Mr. Fleckenstein said. “The protests should remain peaceful. The images of the protests delay integration.”

There has been no violence, by the way. There was just a phantom specter of violence, a narrative dreamed up by those in power who want to stay in power. It is time for the West to stop overlooking malign behavior by governments in Eastern Europe as part of a campaign to bribe them to enter the NATO alliance and become members of the EU marketplace.

Alice Taylor is not a Russian agent. She is a woman in her adopted country who simply cares about the people she has come to love.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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