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Poland ‘Worried’ About EU Vote To Censure Hungary

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The Central European nation of Poland has expressed ‘worry’ over the EU Parliament’s decision to move forward in legal action against Poland’s fellow Visegrad member, Hungary, over what Brussels says is a ‘systematic threat’ to the European Union. In reality, it seems the EU is worried that these nations standing up for their own security and Christian culture could lead to a further split from the culturally Marxist edicts coming from Western European capitals.

Hungary’s Tough Border Laws Pushing Asylum Seekers To Go Elsewhere

Poland on Wednesday said it was very worried by the European Parliament’s rare decision to launch a procedure against Hungary for posing a “systemic threat” to the EU’s founding values.

The vote took the first steps under Article 7 of the European Union Treaty, known by some in Brussels as the “nuclear option”, which could ultimately strip Hungary of its EU voting rights, reported AFP this week.

“Poland is very worried by the decision taken by Parliament today,” Joanna Kopcinska, spokeswoman for Poland’s right-wing Law and Justice (PiS) government told AFP via email. Wednesday’s vote “threatens” EU unity and “sows unnecessary divisions,” she said.

“The Union is based on dialogue – and it is necessary to resolve such disputes through dialogue and not diktat…We are in solidarity with the Hungarian people, who gave the Viktor Orban government a very clear democratic mandate in recent elections.”

Populist Government In Italy Vows To Work With Hungary To Stop Migration

In addition to Hungary’s refusal to follow the EU’s directives on migrant relocation, the European Parliament is also calling judicial reform in Hungary and Poland against the rule-of-law. In Poland specifically, the PiS has forced former communist judges to retire and has place the judicial nomination process under the legislature, as it is in the United States, versus an unelected outside body of ‘legal professionals’, read liberal lawyers.

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