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Video: Vilnius Hypes Itself As “Europe’s G-Spot” In Sexual Advertising Campaign (Have To Admit I Want To Go…)

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Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania in the Baltics, is using the time-tested advertising method of hot young women experiencing sexual bliss. They are using it because it works – sex sells, especially involving young, attractive, Eastern European women. The new campaign is called “Vilnius – G-Spot of Europe” and is making waves across the world and on the internet. With the tag line “Nobody knows where it is, but when you find it – it’s amazing”, Vilnius is turning heads, and getting tourists. Appearing in capitals all over Europe, the effort is aimed at Millennials, reported The Baltic Times.

A series of short video clips, featuring the hash-tag vilniusgspot, showing ecstatic tourists looking at Vilnius cathedrals and modern architectural sites, has already been viewed by thousands and thousands since being uploaded. However, as the release comes just ahead of the papal visit in late September, razzed-up traditionalists have bristled against the vociferous campaign, claiming that the branding conjures up an image of Lithuania as a sex tourism country. Catholic Church leaders have slammed the ad saying it suggests “wrong ideas”.

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The heads of Go Vilnius, the official development agency of the City of Vilnius, that spear-headed the campaign, have been under heavy fire ever since with conservative politicians demanding the resignation of CEO Inga Romanovskiene. However, Romanovskiene stood her ground firmly, insisting she will not step down and underscored that “everyone is entitled to their own opinion.“

“We are glad to see that this campaign has opened up dialogue among Vilnians“ she noted. “Internal debate surrounding this campaign has been more heated within Lithuania than abroad, which is natural when it comes to promoting a city or a country” she told The Baltic Times.

“Vilnius, the G-spot of Europe: Tourism bosses in Lithuania come under fire for sexualised campaign promoting the capital city which claims that ‘’when you find it, it’s amazing“ accentuated the fact that the chiefs in Lithuania’s capital have come under fire for a sexualised advertising campaign to promote the city as the Pope prepares to visit in September.

“The campaign has been criticised by the Catholic Church and comes as Pope Francis prepares to visit the country next month. Lithuanian priests expressed concerns that the ad used female sexuality for advertising and gave ‘wrong ideas’ about Vilnius, a city with a population of 540,000. The government had earlier originally asked Vilnius officials to postpone the ad’s launch until after the papal visit,” wrote The Daily Mail.

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“The campaign went viral all over the world – from Europe to India and South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The response to the campaign abroad has been mostly positive, with audiences praising the campaign as “bold” and as one that stands out from other campaigns in the field. Most important for us, it really got noticed, which was our primary goal“ said Romanovskiene, of Go Vilnius, wrote The Baltic Times.

“Go Vilnius is the tourism and business development agency for the City of Vilnius. We are glad that this campaign has the full support of the City of Vilnius leadership. We engage in discussions with numerous institutions, organizations and with representatives of the public who care about the city. One cannot expect that opinions will always be 100 per cent the same. We do not consider the discussions that have taken place in a negative light.”

“We want to position the city as an alternative European city-break destination to Millennials with disposable income and an interest in lesser-known destinations and experiences. The campaign was designed by Millennials to appeal to the Millennial market. Both the campaign and the Pope’s visit are good opportunities to increase the visibility of Vilnius internationally; however they are completely separate activities aimed at separate audiences“ the Go Vilnius chief suggested.

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