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Desperate Iranian Regime Selling Out Fishing Rights To China

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On 18th August, the Tasnim News Agency, close to the IRGC Quds force, published a piece declaring the Iranian regime has allowed Chinese fisherman to hunt in Iranian deep waters, reported sources inside Iran.

Mohammad Ali Hassanzadeh, deputy chief of Ports and Maritime Organization, said: “Chinese ships have signed an official long-term agreement with Iran’s Fishery that allows them to fish up to 200 meters deep in Iran’s waters in the Gulf of Oman.”

Iran’s Leadership Has No Solutions, And The People Know It

Allowing Chinese ships to trawl the bottom of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman is among the treasonous policies of the Iranian regime. It’s also in line with their other policies like exporting Iranian soil and potable water to Arab states of the Persian Gulf and Iraq, or selling out Iranian shares in the Caspian Sea to Iran’s northern neighbors to secure their support with international bodies.

Around 300 foreign persons are working on Iranian vessels and around 85 vessels are active in the Lantern Fish field in southern Iranian waters.

Trawling is the practice of dragging heavily weighted nets across the seafloor to sweep up the fish – like cod and haddock – that thrive there. The long-term consequences for the eco system and fisheries are devastating.

The deputy chief of Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization said, “Chinese ships have official agreements for long-term leases that allows them to fish in 200 meter deep waters of Iran in the Gulf of Oman. It seems the technology of these Chinese boats doesn’t exist in Iran so that we can fish in 200-meter-deep waters.”

He continued: “The Chinese have an official warrant and agreement to fish in 200 meter deep waters. As to whether the crews are Chinese or not, it should be said that currently the crews of all boats that frequent ports are from every country.”

Chinese fisherman with their industrial fishing boats use high voltage electricity to increase their rewards. This method hurts aquatic animals that are out of the fishing radius.

As China Corrupts Africa, African Leaders Follow Suit

On 8 May, an Iranian fisherman from Parsian Port told a reporter from state-run ISNA News Agency: “Why are Chinese boats allowed to enter Iranian waters and destroy everything while this type of fishing is forbidden? Why can allow foreign fisherman in Iranian waters and nobody cares, but when an Iranian fisher enters the water of other countries around the Persian Gulf, they will be instantly stopped and sent to courts?”

Another fisherman said, “The Chinese take everything they get by fishing and we’ve had clashes with them a number of times over why they destroy the sea bottom by trawling, but they don’t listen and it is beyond our power to force them.”

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