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Breaking News: Iran Protest Continue In Multiple Cities For 4th Consecutive Day

From this afternoon (Aug. 3, 2018, local time) the people of Tehran, Karaj, and Mashhad, have once again been protesting against the clerical regime. Later, the cities of Ghahdarijan and Shahin Shahr in Isfahan province and Andimeshk in Khuzestan joined the protests, according to sources in Iran.

In the past few hours, youths in the city of Mashhad have been chanting “Death to the dictator” and launching their demonstration.

Video: Nationwide Protests In Iran Spread To Third Day – Regime Can’t Control

In Tehran’s Vali Asr Crossroad brave protesters are seen chanting “Death to the dictator” and beginning their courageous protests. They’re also heard chanting: “Iranians, shout out for your rights” & “Cowards, cowards” to the regime’s repressive security forces.

Youths in Gohardasht of Karaj, west of Tehran, are now demonstrating and chanting “Death to the dictator,” “Iranians rather die than live in shame” and “Proud Iranians, support, support.”

They’re also shouting towards the regime’s repressive forces and chanting: “We may die but we’ll take Iran back.”

The Seven-Headed Dragon Of The Mafia Government In Iran

This is the fourth consecutive day that protests are taking place in numerous cities across Iran. While protests have started over economic grievances, their nature has quickly turned into anti-government demonstrations. In previous days, protesters have clashed with security forces on several cities.

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