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Poland Moves To Outmaneuver EU On Judicial Reform

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The ruling party in Poland moved to outmaneuver the European Union’s attempts to stop the Law and Justice Party’s judicial reform, what it says is an attempt to remove communist influence from the Polish court system.

Duda’s announcement came as the ruling right-wing Law and Justice party pushed amendments through parliament to its own controversial overhaul of the judiciary that will help it appoint the head of the Supreme Court and influence the work of judges.

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In the debate, opposition lawmakers said Law and Justice was dealing a deadly blow to Poland’s justice system, reported Fox News.

In short, the government is pushing through legislation to make the judiciary more responsive to the people, by putting judicial appointments under the legislative branch as they are in the United States. Currently judges are appointed by a non-elected ‘judiciary panel’ that conservatives say is stacked with Leftist points of view. The legislation also forces retirement of communist era judges by lowering the retirement age, and forcing new appointments.

To prevent the EU from stopping the reforms, new legislation was introduced to speed up the process. Brussels has started legal infringement action against Poland.

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The government also put forward a plan to put many issues in front of the voters.

Duda, who thinks the 1997 constitution needs revising, is urging the Senate to give its approval for the Nov. 10-11 referendum of 10 questions. These include whether the constitution should confirm Poland’s European Union and NATO memberships, its Christian roots, the right-wing government’s policy of family bonuses as well as everyone’s right to work.

“I would like the Poles to take matters in their hands and speak about the future course for the country,” Duda said, added Fox News.

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