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Trump Trolled Syrian/Russian Air Defenses With Disinformation, As Well As Obama Media

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The Obama media had a field day with President Trump’s tweets regarding an approaching missile attack on Syria. He’s telegraphing the strike! Something he said he would never do and campaigned against!, screamed the shrill anti-Trump press.

It seems The Donald got the last laugh. The tweets were part of a disinformation campaign to get Syria to move is air defenses away from the real targets.

Russia Says Syria Shot Down 70% Of Western Missiles During Strike

It worked. The Pentagon confirmed no American or allied missiles were shot down and the targets were obliterated. Also, no Russian troops were harmed, a primary goal of The White House national security staff.

“As images of sick or dying children flooded global media all week, the U.S. guided-missile destroyer USS Winston Churchill churned toward the Mediterranean to join a flotilla of allied warships, including another U.S. destroyer, the USS Donald Cook. It was a ruse. While both vessels carry as many as 90 Tomahawk missiles — the main weapon used in the Friday evening strike on Syria — neither ship in the end fired a shot. Instead, according to a person familiar with White House war planning, they were part of a plan to distract Russia and its Syrian ally from an assault Assad’s government could do little to defend itself against,” reported Bloomberg.


“No Syrian weapon had any effect on anything we did,” Lieutenant General Kenneth McKenzie said during a press briefing after the attack. He described the joint U.S., French and U.K. strike as “precise, overwhelming and effective.”

Meanwhile, a furious Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed, “Consequences” for the strike against Russian ally Syria and the Bashar Assad regime.

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