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Navalny Goes After Putin’s Spokesman For Corruption, Again…Video

Image by Kremlin.ru

Russian anti-Kremlin activist and anti-corruption crusader, Alexei Navalny went again went after one of his favorite targets today, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, for corruption. Video is below.

Russia Detains Navalny As Election Season Heats Up

Peskov has been in the crosshairs of Navalny’s organization before, highlighting expensive watches, the opulent lifestyle of his son abroad, and extravagant honeymoons on large yachts in glamorous destinations. This time Navalny alleged Peskov’s ex-wife bought a $2.0 million flat in Paris, France.

“On Thursday, Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation revealed that Yekaterina Solotsinskaya, Peskov’s ex-wife, had purchased a 180-square-meter apartment a few minutes’ stroll from the Eiffel Tower. The purchase agreement indicates that Solotsinskaya bought the residence for 1.7 million euros ($2 million) in September 2016, 1.2 million euros of which were paid in a down payment out of her personal account,” reported The Moscow Times.

Navalny alleges Peskov’s ex-wife is unemployed and doesn’t speak French.

ECHR Orders Russia To Compensate Navalny And Brother

“Let us not fool ourselves: the only real option is that the thief and extortionist Peskov divorced and handed his daughter and ex-wife a few million euros to start a new life,” Navalny declares on the video.

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