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Moldovan Fight Continues Between President And PM

Image by A.Savin, Wikimedia Commons

The EU-Russian proxy feud between Moldovan President Igor Dodon and the pro-EU government of Prime Minister Pavel Filip was in full swing over the last week over Moldovan troops being sent to NATO exercises. Doyon, who is commander-in-chief, opposed the deployment but the participation was pushed through by Filip’s government.

“It will not happen, because there are presidential powers — whether you like it or not,” Dodon said, reported RFERL.

“There will never be an usurpation of presidential powers in the interests of someone abroad,” he added. “People will come out to the streets.”

“If you do not like that, let us have a referendum and see who the people trust.”

Moldova has seen interference in its internal affairs from Moscow as well as from the EU. A major bank theft which stole 20% of the Moldovan treasury through complex bank transactions turned the people against the pro-EU government. Moldova is the poorest country in Europe. There were reports the assets ended up in Russia and were obtained via FSB actions.

After the fraud became known, Igor Doyon, a pro-Russian politician was elected to the presidency. He has been fighting the government of Prime Minister Filip ever since.

Moldova sent troops to the September NATO exercises by amending legislation as Doyon had opposed the measure.

Moldovan diplomats have been allegedly harassed in Moscow and the Filip government refused entry to Russian officials. Moldova’s sister country, Romania, refused overflight of Russian diplomatic aircraft.

Romania Refuses To Allow Russian Diplomats Overflight To Moldova

Doyon recently said he was rejecting the government’s choice for Defense Minister, Eugen Sturza.

Moldova Suddenly Recalls Its Russian Ambassador, Moscow Surprised

Instead, he recommended one of his close political allies for the post, former Defense Minister Victor Gaiciuc, reported RFERL.

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