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Serbian Detente With Kosovo?

Lately Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic has been calling for a dialogue with Kosovo. Surprisingly, he is considering such an issue as historical to finally reconcile with Kosovo Albanians. Is this a new vision or just a tactical maneuver?

Many Western European journals consider it as revolutionary. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung mentioned “Vucic is dancing over dark shadows of Serbian history”, praising his efforts for dialogue.

Some analysts maintain this is the right vision towards the Serbian dream of joining EU. Others express their doubts and see it more as a fake maneuver.

Presidents in Balkan countries possess no important competences, the same for Vucic. So whatever he says seems worthless. But if we take into consideration the fact that he represents an important political party and has also been the Serbian Prime minister, it looks like he still exercises some hidden power over politics.

He wants to re-introduce himself as a new-vision leader, although one can clearly notice his change of opinion; he shifted from hatred to reason regarding Kosovo.

Anyway, most analysts see this attitude as only words in the air, not based on any platform to put together the political spectrum and the conservatory Orthodox church in Serbia that exercises great pressure on politics.

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He is not clear on how to handle this delicate issue, expecting proposals from all sides without conclusions, behaving pragmatically as such to lure the EU.

The general opinion is that Serbia is not ready yet to acknowledge Kosovo independence, though efforts are made by others to accept the reality. So far, 111 countries have acknowledged Kosovo as independent…but 5 EU contries have not, including Russia and China.

From outside, the majority of Serbians seem not so interested in the Kosovo issue, rather their economic situation which is still difficult. 80% of them do not agree on recognition.

Kosovo is still working on a new government and such news is considered hopeless, as they strongly believe that without acknowledging their independence, there is no way for further dialogue.

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