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Video: Russian Passenger Jet MC-21 Makes First Flight

The new Russian-designed and built, short to medium haul, narrow-body airliner made its first flight over the weekend. Designed by Irkut, part of United Aircraft Corporation, the MC-21 will compete against Boeing and Airbus for international orders. It will also replace the Russian-built Tupolev Tu-134 and Tu-154.

Sources at the Irkutsk aviation plant told Russian state news agency TASS of the successful flight.

“The plane was successful,” the source said, refusing from further comments, reported TASS.

The MC-21 has a range of 6,400 km and can carry 211 passengers. The first flight of the new aircraft was scheduled for last December but was delayed until May. There are 285 orders for the new plane with 185 already pre-paid. The Russian state-owned air carrier, Aeroflot, will be the first customer.

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