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Putin Unmasking His Plans Over South Ossetia


Russia South Ossetia
Anatoly Bibilov and Vladimir Putin in Sochi


Early this week the president of Russia – Vladimir Putin met with th president of South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov. The two presidents discussed economic issues and future partnership between Russia and South Ossetia – confirmed the official web page of the Kremlin.


During their conversation with Bibilov, Putin declared once again that Russia and de-facto Tskhinvali are negotiating in terms of a strategic partnership.

“We have ambitious cooperation programmes on security, economic development and interaction and the social sphere. Russia co-finances many issues of a purely social nature, and we plan to continue this.” – Vladimir Putin

Other than that, Putin stressed Russia’s role in infrastructural and economical development of Georgia’s breakaway region:

“Russia is co-financing a lot of social issues. We are going to continue and enhance our investments in the region. I mean the recovery of republic’s infrastructure and creation of the robust economic atmosphere.” – said Putin.

Bibilov, on his part, expressed his sympathy towards Russian intervention:

“And of course, the issues of greater integration, greater cooperation and alliance between the Republic of South Ossetia and the Russian Federation will find a new impetus in these processes” – Anatoli Bibilov said.




Bibilov is the recently elected President of South Ossetia. The presidential election in South Ossetia was held in April 2017. The illegitimate elections in the breakaway region of Georgia were officially condemned by U.S., EU and the majority of western countries.


Bibilov is an ardent supporter of Russian intervention in South Ossetia’s politics and he has declared South Ossetia unifying with Russia under his presidency.


Bibilov also assumed that becoming part of Russia again had been the South Ossetian people’s dream since the 1920s. A few quotes from his election speech especially angered the Georgian government and those supporting Georgian territorial integrity.

“In any case the steps we will be taking will be absolutely coordinated with our Russian counterparts. We will decide the future of South Ossetia only through talks and consultations,” stated Babilov.


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