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Moscow Voices Concern Over Destruction Of Christian Temples In Europe

Russia’s top diplomat condemned the destruction of Christian temples in Europe and the Continent’s further acceptance of secular values. Sergei Lavrov made the comments after the recent Easter holidays.

“The ongoing efforts by a small group of states to spread their pseudo-liberal values, including hedonism and permissiveness, cause serious concern,” the Russian top diplomat noted. “We are also concerned over the idea of tolerance being taken to an absurd level.”

“Europe has actually abandoned its Christian roots, it often comes to deliberate demolition and redevelopment of Christian temples that are also deprived of their religious attributes,” Lavrov added. “Clearly, such steps inflict great damage on the people’s moral health.”

According to the Russian foreign minister, those “who neglect their religious roots, can hardly be expected to respect the religious feelings of other religions’ followers” reports Russian state news agency TASS.

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