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Putin Calls U.S. Allies Chinese Dolls And Boring Ladies

Putin Calls U.S. Allies Chinese Dolls And Boring Ladies.


Vladimir Putin accused the allies of the United States in the support for missile strike in Syria. Russian leader pointed on mindless support and called the U.S. allies “Chinese dolls”. With his own words, the relations of Moscow and Washington went backwards since president Trump took the office and trust towards Trump administration only worsened during last months.


“What was the reaction of the NATO allies? All nodding like Chinese nodding dolls, without analyzing anything that is going on. Where is the evidence of Syrian army use chemical weapons? There is none. And violations of international law is. It is an obvious fact,” Putin said during the interview to TV channel “Mir 24”.


And this is not all. Putin expressed his disrespect towards the U.S. allies with an analogue from the Soviet literature. He compared events in Syria with the events in Afghanistan in 2003 and called Trump and his missiles “boring ladies”.


Question: Mr Putin, if I may, I have a question about Syria. What is your take on what is happening in Syria? Is there a danger of another US military strike against Syrian targets?


Vladimir Putin: We discussed this with my Italian counterpart. I said that this reminds me very much of the events of 2003, when US representatives in the Security Council showed alleged chemical weapons discovered in Iraq. A military campaign in Iraq ensued, which ended with the destruction of the country, an increased terrorist threat and the emergence of ISIS on the international scene – no more, no less.

The exact same thing is happening now, and their partners are nodding approvingly. In this connection, our remarkable writers, Ilf and Petrov, come to mind, with their famous line, “It’s boring, ladies.“ We have seen this all before.


It’s easy to notice that Putin is extremely responsive towards accusations. The fact that he’s avoiding meeting with Tillerson in Moscow, the top diplomat sent by Washington, means nothing than intentional disrespect towards U.S. and its allies.


Again, what Putin did by calling them “boring ladies” holds higher significance than just a sexist harassment. He quoted from Ilf and Petrov, widely popular authors in Soviet Union. It is taken from a satirical piece and  is only understood in Russian language, Russian culture truly gets the analogue. What Putin did is that he called the U.S. and it’s allies complete morons, without them realizing it.

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