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Poland Leads The Charge To Reform European Union

Poland leads charge to reform EU

Poland, the former Eastern Block state behind the Iron Curtain, is leading the charge to reform the European Union. Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo will attempt to enlist German Chancellor Angela Merkel in this effort during Merkel’s visit to Poland next month.

The Law and Justice Part of Poland which now runs the country has been historically Euro skeptic and wants to return power to member countries from a bloated Brussels bureaucracy.

“Indeed, I agree, this is an important visit, especially now when the EU is changing, when reforms are needed,” Szydlo said in an interview on the private RMF FM radio station, reports Reuters.

“Poland and Germany are certainly two countries that will set the tone for the discussion on change in the EU. We want reforms and I hope that Chancellor Merkel will become convinced that these reforms are needed for the EU.”

The Polish government has been criticized and has stirred up civil protest over its conservative policies and its tightened controls on the media. The party’s attempts to restrict abortion has also caused civil unrest.

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