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Varied Local Reactions To Oliver Ivanovic’s Murder

Varied Local Reactions To Oliver Ivanovic’s Murder
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During the last two days, there have been varied, but emotional, reactions to the death of Oliver Ivanovic, leader of “Freedom, democracy, safety” Serbian party in Mitrovica, shot dead on Tuesday.

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General Momir Stojanovic, the former Head of the Military Security Agency and also former the Head of Inspection and Security Committee in Parliament, is almost sure that the Albanian factor has nothing to do with his murder. According to an interview he gave to online media e-Gradani, he said: “I am convinced that the murder is politically motivated by criminal groups, active in the Northern part of Kosovo. If Albanians wanted to murder him, they could have done it any time…but they did not. He was shot precisely at the moment when new negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia started in Brussels. Ivanovic was respected by all Serbs living in Kosovo; he had disagreements with a part of Serbian policy”. Stojanovic considered him as a true Serbian patriot.

Former MP of Kosovo Parliament, Rada Trajkovic, also commented on Ivanovic’s murder. According to Telegraf News, in an interview to Serbian media, she stated: “Ivanovic’s death favours Mafia in Kosovo territory. Mitrovica is the least safe area in which Serbs live. Mafia is trying to dictate its rules now. The true power is in the hands of Milan Radojicic, who is considered as a mafia man by internationals. He determines what is good and bad in the area.” According to Trajkovic, the visit of Serb President, Aleksander Vucic, to Kosovo this weekend, is considered as having double profit and will show some positive outcome, not only to ensure freedom to his citizens, but also convince them that the Serbian government is not supporting criminal elements in the North.

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Former Ambassador of Netherlands in Kosovo, Robert Bosch, on a FB post expressed his deep indignation for Ivanovic’s murder, stating he was one of those few who dared to challenge the mono-party system installed by Vucic in Kosovo. He called Vucic’s declaration as false, as crocodile tears. Addressing him, he stated: “You have to accept that Kosovo police are now capable of establishing new rules and laws in the Northern area. I hope the FBI will help to solve the murder.”

Albanian State Minister of Diaspora, Pandeli Majko, stressed that the situation in Kosovo is tense; such a situation favours those who want to prolong the crises between Serbia and Kosovo. He regards the murder act as against the Kosovo state and the situation created as anti-European. He hopes Kosovo will honour Ivanovic’s loss, as one of its citizens.

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