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Hungary Will Not Back Down On Laws Condemned By EU

Peter Szijjarto
Image by Agencia de Noticias ANDES

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto declared that the Eastern European nation will not back down on laws recently passed that were condemned by the European Parliament. The main issues have been Hungarian legislation against asylum seekers, NGOs, and foreign universities.

When asked, Szijjarto said, “No. Why should we?”

“These laws belong to national competence, so I think European institutions should refrain from making attempts at interfering with domestic issues,” Szijjarto said at the Reuters Central & Eastern Europe Investment Summit, reported Reuters.

The Hungarian leadership also discussed its lock-step actions with Poland on the issue.s

“After the vote we have talked on the phone with my Polish colleague who made it very clear that they would not assist any kind of politically-motivated actions and they do not support the process of threatening any member state with such kind of Chapter 7 issues,” Szijjarto said, reported Reuters.

“I have no doubt that Poland would act in a situation (like this) as we would act regarding Poland.”

“We hope that we can have common positions, the more the better,” he said, when discussing working together in Eastern Europe against EU positions.

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