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Protests Take Over Streets Of Serbia

April 2 marks election of Aleksandar Vucic as president of Serbia.


Part of Serbians have refused to accept Vucic’s presidential election victory after he won 55 per cent of votes, almost 40 per cent more than the former ombudsman Sasa Jankovic who came second in the poll.


The crowds of mostly students accused Vucic of stealing the election and marched in the streets of Belgrade and other cities. The protesters see Vucic as an autocratic leader and the Serbian Progressive Party as corrupt.


Protesters all over shouted similar slogans including: “Vucic, thief!”, “Get Out” and “You Stole the Vote”.


Student organizations in Belgrade and the northern city of Novi Sad say they are demanding replacement of the state election commission and the editors of the state television. They also called for parliament speaker Maja Gojkovic to resign.


At least 15,000 people attended the rally in Belgrade.


On April 4, Vucic told journalists that he doesn’t object to the protests “as long as they are peaceful.”


“We’re a democratic country and everyone has the right to be happy or unhappy because of the election results,” he said.

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