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BOOK REVIEW: Irresistible Revolution By Lt Col Matthew Lohmeier

Active Duty USAF Lt Col Lohmeier Releases Scholarly Work Warning Of Maoist Revolution In US Military

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Guest post by Keith Fletcher

“Irresistible Revolution,” absolutely belongs in your home or office library as it presents the real, emerging danger of Marxist subversion, masquerading as “diversity” and “inclusion,” happening today in our American armed forces. Matthew Lohmeier brilliantly presents his methodically conducted research linking the radical leftist social movements recently seen in the United States into what our military has deceitfully repackaged into an innocent-sounding mandatory social program presented to the troops.

My service predates Matthew’s by 19 years, so the information in his book was a tremendous enlightenment for me. I shouldn’t be surprised, in retrospect, because we’re bombarded today with the tired toxic narrative that if you’re white, then you’re an evil racist, even if you don’t know it. My recommendation is simply this: If you voted for Donald Trump, felt silenced on social media after January 6th, and have desperately grasped for any kind of legitimate discourse of truth since Election Day, this book is for you–it’s a must-read.

If you didn’t vote for Donald Trump, and don’t really see any truth in allegations that ballots were fraudulently cast to affect the election outcome, then this book is still for you–it’s a must read.

“Irresistible Revolution,” appeals not to specific politics or even politicians–it rises above that–rather, it presents a core theme of truth why protecting and defending the constitution of our wise founding fathers is paramountly important. Moreover, it connects the dots on an evolving betrayal happening right now in our military ranks, that allegiance to self-identity is taking priority over loyalty to or defense of our United States Constitution, our American exceptionalism and values. This internal decay alone is perhaps the greatest threat to our Republic we all grew up learning about and defended with our service.

I challenge every service academy’s political science department to include Lohmeier’s book in its curriculum. It’s an easy read; 196 pages fill the readers mind with information other authors would spend volumes of texts, culminating in a thoughtful afterword posed by the author. Lohmeier doesn’t stop there–he presents us a suggested reading list on varied topics of history, political philosophy, diversity, postmodernism that even includes Marx’s/Engel’s “Communist Manifesto.”

The author promotes the idea that to fully understand your beliefs, you must also acquaint yourself with those ideas you oppose. Buy this book today! You buy firearms to defend your family, home, and property from violent assault; this book is the intellectual equivalent to defending your mind, intellect and sanity from this newfound ideological assault on our American values.’

Irresistible Revolution is on the Amazon Best Seller list!

You can buy the book here!

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Debra Jane Harrington June 6, 2021 at 10:38 am

where can I buy this book… all I can find when I google is something from several years ago by someone else


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