Interview with Israeli General Israel Ziv On Exoneration From Arms Trading Accusations

US Lifted And Removed All Sanctions On Israeli General Israel Ziv
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[Israel] We spoke with Israeli General Israel Ziv this week on his exoneration by the U.S. government on illicit arms trading accusations in conjunction with the General’s agricultural work in Sudan. The allegations included providing weapons and ammunition to both sides of the conflict. 

The United States Treasury Department has sanctioned three people over their roles in South Sudan’s civil war, including retired Israeli major general Israel Ziv, reported The Jerusalem Times in 2018.

The department also designated three of Israel Ziv’s Israeli companies: Global N.T.M Ltd, Global Law Enforcement and Security Ltd, and Global IZ Group Ltd to be on the sanctions list.

Ziv categorically denied the accusations during the length of the ordeal, as did the government of South Sudan.

General Ziv was removed from the sanctions list this week.

His comments are below…

“When you wake up in the morning and you’re sure you are doing something very good…My work in Sudan is a fantastic thing,. Then all of a sudden someone is turning off the light, forcing you to look at yourself as a criminal; it’s not a nice experience to go through.

“I”m Glad justice was done, I had confidence in the American system.

“OFAC is one of the most important elements to fight terror, to block Iranian spread of proxy armies around Middle East; my appreciation to the organization was not damaged because of this personal situation.

“I am at a good point with no bitterness and can continue with [farming] project

Interview with Israeli General Israel Ziv On Exoneration From Arms Trading Accusations

“South Sudan has no system in-country, no infrastructure, no established economy, no stabilized market, no balance between production and food, commerce, nothing of that kind.

“The Green horizon project is the only light at the end of the tunnel in Sudan to create a system for food production, distribution. It is based in 3 counties, which have a major farm for staple foods – grains primarily. It goes around the whole farming life cycle and supports the school system, medical care, and we support individual farmers, by giving them seeds, training, coaching on how to increase their yield. We buy everything they produce, and there is a logistic element to take the food to the market. We are creating the whole system.

Interview with Israeli General Israel Ziv On Exoneration From Arms Trading Accusations

“My company is a service provider, a private company, but the project is a national project; once we finish our job, the whole thing will stay embedded and sustainable.

“The farms are far away in the bush. You go by the Nile in a small boat, many hours, or a day, to reach the place, then you will see green valley, producing crops. 

“Now I can go back to those duties; justice was done.”

Interview with Israeli General Israel Ziv On Exoneration From Arms Trading Accusations

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In much of the world, food is a weapon.
The food resource in Sudan will need to be defended or they will either be taken over by militants determined to rule, or they will be destroyed to prevent anyone else from obtaining them.


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