The Unveiling Of Portrait – HSH Ekaterina Ioannova Konstantinova Romanova

The Unveiling Of Portrait - HSH Ekaterina Ioannova Konstantinova Romanova

Tsarizm contributor, author J (Johannes) Froebel-Parker made his first public presentation about  research concerning the survival of Anastasia Romanov included in his book ANASTASIA AGAIN: The Hidden Secret of the Romanovs (Icebox, 2018) Sunday. March 10, 2019 at the Ravena Coeymans Historical Society, Ravena, New York in the New York State Capital District.

ANASTASIA AGAIN: The Hidden Secret Of The Romanovs

The presentation included at video explaining 2D and 3D visual face recognition technology created by Mr. Bob Schmitt of www.visualfacerecognition.com which makes a compelling case for the credibility of the claims of aka Evgenia Smetisko that she was in reality Anastasia Romanov.

Video Of The Unveiling!

The Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) has buried her in a monastery cemetery not with the date of birth (1899) of the immigrant from Eastern Europe, rather with that of the youngest Grand Duchess of Russia (18 June 1901).

An unveiling of a formal portrait by Froebel Gallery artist, Barbara Kur Green. of HSH Ekaterina Ioannova Konstantinova Romanova (1915-2007), daughter of Prince Ioann Konstantinovich of Russia and Princess Helena of Serbia (later Yelena of Russia)  last princess of the Imperial Family born in Tsarist Russia, crowned the event. Members of the princess’ family were in attendance.

A special cake by Sibel Shahin with fondant figurines of the Tsar reading Froebel-Parker’s book to an adoring Anastasia was served for the reception.

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