Free-Speech Social Media Site Gab Deplatformed In Coordinated Attack By Big Tech

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It is no secret that big tech has wanted to get rid of Gab, the free-speech, social media platform as they don’t want the competition, and don’t want conservatives and Trump supporters to be able to get their message out. Therefore, the corrupt tech oligarchs have used the recent shooting at a Jewish synagogue as an instrument to deplatform GAB. Below is the evidence leaked from Google that confirms Google saw Gab as a threat that needed to be neutralized.

We at Tsarizm call on the Trump administration to deal with this monopolistic behavior of the the big-tech monstrosities. Their behavior is a threat to America and the principles we have built this beautiful country on.

Corrupt Big Tech Has Gone All-In To Defeat GOP In Midterms, Hoping To Forestall Anti-Trust Action

Below is the statement from Gab on the incident.

Gab.com’s policy on terrorism and violence have always been very clear: we a have zero tolerance for it. Gab unequivocally disavows and condemns all acts of terrorism and violence. This has always been our policy. We are saddened and disgusted by the news of violence in Pittsburgh and are keeping the families and friends of all victims in our thoughts and prayers.

We refuse to be defined by the media’s narratives about Gab and our community. Gab’s mission is very simple: to defend free expression and individual liberty online for all people. Social media often brings out the best and the worst of humanity. From live streamed murders on Facebook, to threats of violence by bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc Jr. that went unaddressed by Twitter, and more. Criminals and criminal behavior exist on every social media platform.

Shortly after the attack, Gab was alerted to a user profile of the alleged Tree of Life Synagogue shooter. The account was verified and matched the name of the alleged shooter’s name, which was mentioned on police scanners. This person also had accounts on other social networks.

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Gab took swift and proactive action to contact law enforcement immediately. We first backed up all user data from the account and then proceeded to suspend the account. We then contacted the FBI and made them aware of this account and the user data in our possession. We are ready and willing to work with law enforcement to see to it that justice is served.

We have nothing but love for all people and freedom. We have consistently disavowed all violence. Free speech is crucial for the prevention of violence. If people can not express themselves through words, they will do so through violence. No one wants that. No one.

Our user guidelines state:

Threats and Terrorism:
Users are prohibited from calling for the acts of violence against others, promoting or engaging in self-harm, and/or acts of cruelty, threatening language or behaviour that clearly, directly and incontrovertibly infringes on the safety of another user or individual(s). We may also report the user(s) to local and/or federal law enforcement, as per the advice of our legal counsel.
Our privacy agreement state:

Information Disclosed for Our Protection and the Protection of Others.
We cooperate with government and law enforcement officials or private parties to enforce and comply with the law. We may disclose any information about you to government or law enforcement officials or private parties as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate: (i) to respond to claims, legal process (including subpoenas); (ii) to protect our property, rights and safety and the property, rights and safety of a third party or the public in general; and (iii) to stop any activity that we consider illegal or legally actionable activity.
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Thanks and remember to speak freely!

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