Bolshevism And Jews

The American Jewish population is arguably as high as six million out of almost three hundred and twenty million, just under two percent. What is the percentage of Jews in the mainstream media? In the judiciary? In academia? In the Deep State? Nobody knows, of course, because even asking the question is taboo. Guesses between ten and thirty percent are clearly in the ballpark, meaning that Jews are overrepresented in these hyper-influential areas of American life by factors of five to fifteen. The reasons for this are many and are beyond the scope of this article; nor are they important. What is important is that American Jews are among the most influential leaders of both the American Neo-Bolshevism and the reaction to it that is the Trump movement. This situation has parallels dating back to the original Bolshevik movement in early twentieth century Russia, which are worth exploring, since it is the outcome of the American Jewish civil war that will determine the outcome of the larger second American civil war that is now upon us.

The onset of the twentieth century found most Jews in the Russian empire still living in poverty beyond the Pale of Settlement in areas that today are Ukraine, Moldavia, Belarus, and Eastern Poland. However, by that time a significant number of Jews were able to leave the periphery and train as lawyers, doctors, and engineers in the Empire’s large metropolitan areas of St. Petersburg, Moscow, and Kiev. This Jewish intelligentsia was on the frontlines of the ideological fermentation that gripped Tsarist Russia. Not surprisingly, their interests lay not only with Russia, but also with the Jewish masses in the borderlands, where large and growing Jewish communities came into increasingly violent contact with the gentile populations.

The Arrival Of The Neo-Bolsheviks

As in America today, so in Russia then, the Jewish intelligentsia split into two camps. The Jewish nationalist camp and the globalist camp. The nationalist camp sought the solution for Eastern European Jewry within the confines of the global Jewish Nationalist Movement known as Zionism. This movement foresaw that European Jewry was headed for a holocaust and took for granted that the only way to forestall that tragic end was a mass resettlement of East European Jews in the ancient Land of Israel, which back then was a province of the Ottoman Empire. The globalists viewed the solution to the Jewish question as part of a global revolution in which the “oppressed” would overthrow the “oppressors” by joining hands across all divides, national, cultural, linguistic, and geographical.

Amazingly, both Jewish groups succeeded in changing the course of history; the Zionist group organized Jewish youth all over Eastern Europe, training them in self-government and self-defense, and bringing them back to Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel, where within one generation they ushered in the first independent political Jewish entity in more than two thousand years – the State of Israel. The globalist group were among the leaders of the October 1917 Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Without the organizational genius of Leon Trotsky (real name: Lev Davidovich Bronstein), who organized and equipped the Red Army leading it through the Russian Civil War, Lenin’s Bolshevism would almost certainly have been defeated. Trotsky was hardly alone. Sverdlov, Kamenev (Rozenfeld), and many, many more Jews provided the legal, civil, military, agrarian, and industrial foundation for the Bolshevik revolution in the first decade of the Bolshevik experiment in Russia. Where Jews most excelled, was what we call today the Deep State. They provided the intellectual and organizational framework for the organs of propaganda (AgitProp: “agitatzionnaya” or weaponized propaganda) and early security organs (CheKa, later NKVD, later KGB). Every Russian military unit had a “PolitRuk” (“politicheskiy rukovoditel” political chief). The PolitRuk had veto power on any decision made by the commanding officer. Most Politruks were Jewish.

No one would argue that similarities abound between the Russian Empire in February 1917 and the American Empire including its Western European territories in 2017. In 1917 Russia was embroiled in the First World War, unable to supply its frontline troops with adequate ammunition, and retreating across the entire front. At home, Tsar Nicholas II had been forced to abdicate the throne, revolutionary winds were in full swing. Russia’s industrial base was not even up to par with that of Japan let alone the US, Britain, or Germany. And yet, this is the time to recall a third group of Eastern European Jews; this group was not interested in saving the world, Russia, or even Russian Jews. They wanted to give themselves and their children a better life. This is the group that landed by the hundreds of thousands at the foot of the Statue of Liberty and whose third and fourth generation descendants now occupy positions of influence in their adopted country that exceed tenfold and more their relative size in the general population.

Ironically, many of these descendants have abandoned the principles of hard work and individualism that made their adoptive country great and that were so enthusiastically applied by the first and second generations of American Jews to start small businesses and integrate so fully into the American way of life. Instead, they turned to the old Bolshevik tropes of mass agitation and propaganda, taking over the entirety of the American Mainstream Media and turning it into a propaganda arm of the world globalist movement. When Bill Kristol wishes that white working class Americans disappear from the face of the earth, when he so ardently prefers the Deep State to the Trump State, he is acting as a Bolshevik, intent on the destruction of the old world, a world that welcomed his great-grandparents and gave them every opportunity to succeed.

Putin Trying Hard To Not Make Same Mistakes As The Tsars

He and his ilk among American Jewry, both from the so called progressive left (Sally Kohn, at al.) and the so called “conservative right” (Noah Goldberg at al.) exhibit every attribute of Bolshevism. They hate. They hate America; the America that gave them everything they have. They tirelessly work for its destruction. They particularly hate the Constitution, undoubtedly the document most antithetical to Bolshevism that could ever be written. Unsurprisingly, they are hell bent on its destruction. Perhaps surprisingly, but well within the Bolshevik modus operandi, they completely disagree on what should replace the America we know; they haven’t a clue and they don’t give a damn.

They meddle. Through organs like the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center they wage war on original American culture and values. Like to all Bolsheviks, clearly identifiable cultural boundaries are anathema to them. They have no honor; as we have now seen, they are in thrall with the gutless cowards in the Deep State who, hiding behind their anonymity and civil service protections, betray their sacred oath and subvert the constitutional election process. They don’t give a damn about the lawlessness in American communities; as long as their condos on the Upper West Side and their mansions in Westchester County are safe, the Bronx can be ruled by drug lords and gangs. Finally, just like their predecessors and co-tribe members in Russia a full century ago, they refuse judging the outcome of their policies and actions by “normal” American metrics like shared prosperity and opportunity; they live by their own set of metrics that involves meaningless concepts like equality of outcomes and diversity.

Interestingly, the similarities to the Jews of 1917 Russia do not stop there. Just like back then, so now, American Jews are divided. A small, but influential group are on the frontlines of American traditionalism. People from completely different walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds like Jared Kushner and David Horowitz do not share the Bolshevik fervor of their co-tribesmen. Instead, they are devoted to the preservation of traditional American values and have a sincere love for all Americans.

And what about American Jews and Israel? Well, here too, the two groups of American Jews couldn’t be more different. American Jews are often accused, directly or indirectly of dual loyalties; to their country of citizenship, America, and to their ancestral homeland, Israel. I would like to suggest a different modality; rather than a split, American Jews have a doubling. The Bolshevik contingent among them (yes, even the neocon wing) double up on hate; they hate a powerful and culturally distinct America as much as they hate a powerful, culturally distinct, and independent (from America) Israel. The anti-Bolshevik American Jews double up on love; their love of America is only reinforced by their love of Israel. To them, strong, culturally distinct, unapologetically Constitutional America and strong, unapologetically Jewish Israel are twin beacons of light in the indistinct, messed-up greyness that is globalism.

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