Who Gains From The Pipeline Explosion? The Globalists Do — They Want Escalated War And Destruction, Have Unlimited Resources

Trump Offers To Mediate – Brilliant Stroke For Peace

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I’ve written for years, you can’t listen to what globalists say, you have to watch the consequences of their actions. Most of the time, they are projecting — meaning, doing exactly what they accuse others of doing.

So, with the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline, which removes a vital source of energy from the German economy, fostering economic destruction and inflicting pain on Europeans this winter, not to mention damage to Russian cash flow and follow-on military capability, it is very obvious to this writer the beneficiary of this violent act is the globalist agenda.

This agenda includes human death from a cold winder, Western economic destruction, and the removal of the Russian regime, which refuses to back down to world government.

The culprit is the same mysterious entity that is behind explosions at food processing plants around the world, and the massive forced migration campaigns into Europe and the southern United States.

In short, destruction of society as we know it, to allow it to be rebuilt in the globalist vision, is the goal.

The globalist vision is one of economic slavery to the globalist oligarchy. Oh and by the way, this vision is entirely in line with the goals of the Chinese Communist Party, which also has the military capability to take out the pipelines, no matter they are de facto aligned with the Russian empire.

All men and women of freedom must fight this evil NOW.

You must get involved in your local politics, get off the tyrannical social media platforms, stop buying Chinese goods build a local citizen group, stop watching corporate media, and stop shopping at the corporate communists.

I still know people who are on Facebook, shop at Amazon and Walmart, still just bitch on Twitter and nothing else.

You are enabling the coming nuclear war.

President Trump gets it. He just offered to mediate the conflict.

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Must be a Russian bot September 28, 2022 at 1:54 pm

The first “sentence” alone should be a red flag for the stupidity that follows.
“I’ve written for years, you can’t listen to what globalists say, you have to watch the consequences of their actions. “
So the reader is supposed to believe that you’ve written for years but still have no grasp of basic grammar and sentence structure rules? Sad.

Jim January 27, 2023 at 4:22 pm

What does your grasp of grammar have to do with the validity of the intended message?
The writer is correct. The globalists have an agenda to destroy and rebuild, and they lie about it by “projecting” their own actions onto others.
It is as simple as follow the money or follow the agenda. Who has to gain from an event, vis-a-vis their agenda?
The Nordstream was almost certainly destroyed by the USA. And before you say it, bots don’t have intelligent back and forth conversations with people. I am an American. I just am capable of recognizing that the USA started this war in Ukraine, not Russia.
Let’s see if YOU are a bot. If I say “1,2,3” and ask you what the next three numbers are in this sequence, will you answer the question correctly? Or will you bypass the question? If you bypass, you are a bot.

Juan February 17, 2023 at 5:57 am

Boy are you wrong, haven’t you seen the thousands of articles about AI? They’ve created AI programs that control the internet, you could be having a conversation with one and you would never know it, it’s scary how AI is being and will be used.

2004done October 19, 2022 at 4:31 am

So “So the reader is supposed to believe that you’ve written for years but still have no grasp of basic grammar and sentence structure rules?” is YOUR IDEA of sentence structure and basic grammar? I was taught a ‘run-on sentence’ will lose focus (I can see you HAVEN’T written for years, is that a CCPVID-19 result?).

Yuri Andamasov February 7, 2023 at 4:16 pm

who did it, the cia, mossad or mi6? They did 9/11 and they are behind most ‘terrorist’ groups from al qaeda to isis…

There is a group of vermins who is pushing for a world war. They met in Dvaos in january to push for this war. They wnat a ‘great reset’ and massive depopulation.

As usual they need to blame someone else for their crimes.

the same who created WW1 and WW2.

Rotshchild & co…

If Biden is removed from power as he should be, the war stops tomorrow. The people who maniuplate this puppet are the enemies of humanity and humnaity must take a stand against them.

It’s time for Americans and Europeans to EXTERMINATE the vermin who took power in their lands and integrate Russia, Europe and Asia.


Rachel April 9, 2023 at 1:30 am

“You can’t listen to what globalists say. You have to watch the consequences of their actions.”
That should apply to every would-be celebrity savior.
And, by that logic, simply saying that he is opposed to globalists doesn’t count.


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