Russia Is Christian, Mostly White, And Conservative…And Therefore The Object Of The Left’s Hate

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I’ve often wondered at the reasons, or agenda, behind the current Russia hysteria.

Yes, Russia attempted to divide us through cyber intrusions and by spreading narratives on social media during the election, although there is no evidence the 2016 election was influenced in any significant way or that they were attempting to get Donald Trump elected. (The same Trump who is modernizing our nuclear weapons in order to confront Moscow … Mr. Trump’s election was a bad outcome for Russia … Hillary Clinton would have shown much more “flexibility,” and maybe have sold some more national security material.)

Most likely the Kremlin just thought the weakness Barack Obama projected should be exploited to make our way of life seem less attractive to the Russian population, so the brain drain from Russia might be slowed. Making Russia great again, if you will.

Russia has also annexed territory Moscow formerly controlled on its border. In many ways, we are experiencing the final stages of the collapse of the Soviet Union, more about Moscow retaining influence in its near-abroad, than conquering the world.

However, China has stolen entire computer banks of information from the federal government. Their new weapons systems look suspiciously like ours. Just look at their new “stealth fighter” and make your own determination where the design came from. China has manipulated trade markets and its currency to illegally steal from America its wealth, and its trade secrets, resulting in the destruction of the livelihoods of millions of hard-working Americans.

North Korea has conducted cyber warfare against the United States, even beat to death an American college student for stealing a poster, and threatened to destroy the America with nuclear attacks on her cities. By the way, where is the Magnitsky Act for Otto’s death?

Iran has supported terrorism throughout the world, and threatened American allies in the Middle East. They still are holding American hostages, which the Obama administration conveniently wanted you to forget.

Orban Says Help Christians In Middle East Or Lose Your Right To Practice Christianity In Europe

I’m not excusing Russia’s actions; I’m simply saying its behavior should be looked at relative to others.

So if Russia’s actions are not worse than other nations, many of whom are still communist dictatorships by the way, why are they receiving so much attention from our corrupt media, the Democrats, and the Left in general? (As I write this article, The New York Times is extolling the virtues of Kim Jong-un’s sister at the Olympics … I mean, what the heck?)

Perhaps it comes down to one very simple reason ― in reality, Russia today embodies everything the Left hates. Let me count the ways.

Russia is Christian. I’m not naive enough to not see through the shallow relationship between the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church. The relationship is symbiotic: They help each other maintain money and power. However, as one wise, older, Christian woman recently remarked to me, “It doesn’t matter how Russians get the Christian message, the fact is they are getting it. That is all that matters.”

Visiting Moscow reminds me in some ways of the American South. There is a new church going up on every corner in the Russian capital. You can’t help hear the bells ringing somewhere during the day from some church or monastery nearby. The golden domes dot the landscape.

We all know how the Left despises Christianity and enables Islam, female abuse, murder, and all.

Russia is mostly white. Yes, there are minorities in Russia. However, they are mostly Asian, and Central Asian. There are not many Africans in Russia, although there are some. Russia tries to protect its culture. Although 30 percent of Russia is Muslim, the Kremlin attempts to keep a lid on Islamic fundamentalism but is not always successful. When it is found, it is typically brutally repressed.

I was always amazed at the way former President Obama talked about Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Comments like, “Russia is a regional power that doesn’t make anything,” were obviously not helpful, and derogatory. Comments about “Putin’s school boy slouch” could be considered racist. Think of the reverse, if Mr. Putin called out Mr. Obama on the way he looked or personal mannerisms?” I think we know the answer and I think we could agree this is not the way to talk to the leader of a country with the most nuclear weapons in the world.

Russia is conservative in many ways. For the most part, Russian women hate feminism. They had the opportunity to experience real equality during Soviet times — and they didn’t like it. “Why should I want to act like a man and have to do everything?” Russian women ask. Genders are very defined in Russia to the horror of the cultural Marxists in the West.

Russia has a gay propaganda law. The law simply makes it a crime to teach homosexual propaganda to children. It doesn’t say it’s OK to beat or kill gays, although in reality, many times that has been the outcome. However, the law doesn’t say that. I have to admit, I don’t want my children being taught the gay lifestyle is something to emulate or aspire to. In the West, homosexuality is being crammed down our children’s throats in school, over the objections of most parents.

Russia is a very corrupt place. This corruption is built on centuries of rule by ruthless strongmen from the East and decades of communism. There is a brutality that is common throughout the society that we don’t experience in most of the West, a ruthlessness. This reality needs to be confronted when it encroaches on American interests, or threatens our security or way of life. As I have written before, NATO borders are a good place to draw this red line.

Putin Says Communism Just Like Christianity

However, Russia is not the Soviet Union. Russia is not looking to conquer the world. It is attempting to reassert its influence geopolitically as the largest country on the planet.

I think the Russia hysteria in the West can be explained in a very simple way: Russia is Christian, white and conservative … everything the Left loves to hate. This truth needs to be understood and explained to the American people, so we can confront Russia where need be, but also find ways we can work together to deal with greater threats to our security, like radical Islamic fundamentalism.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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