Pop The Champagne…A New War On The Way In East Ukraine

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Well, it looks like the Deep Obama State and the neocons are going to get their new war in East Ukraine. This time it will be with American weapons killing Russians. How cool is that?

US And Russia To Once Again Discuss UN Peacekeepers In Donbass

Let’s be real. Let’s take off the diplomatic blinders and talk truth for a moment. Yes, Russia invaded Crimea and Donbass by force. Moscow has annexed Crimea, and has de-facto control over East Ukraine. Russia sees these territories as in their sphere of influence, not just during Soviet times, but throughout the centuries of Imperial Russia. I’m not appeasing the Kremlin, I’m just saying this is their viewpoint, love it or leave it.

Ukraine, obviously views itself as a sovereign nation and understands these lands were taken from them by force, against international law and modern geopolitical norms. They want them back. They are willing to be sneaky, make agreements and renege on them, and do whatever it takes. They don’t see themselves in the wrong, they see themselves as victims of aggression. Kyiv also sees a new ally in the Trump administration, at least parts of it, the part that wants to sell them weapons, lots of weapons, the John McCain wing of the Republican Party.

Freshly armed with promises of Javelin missiles, heavy sniper rifles and possibly a pipeline of other goodies, Petro Poroshenko has turned into Mr. Incredible. The Ukrainian parliament just passed a law which discards the Minsk agreements, which everyone knew were over anyway, declared Russia the aggressor, and shouts loudly to the world that Ukraine wants its territories back. “We are continuing to beat the path toward the reintegration of occupied Ukrainian lands by political and diplomatic means. This is the key signal of the law that the parliament passed on my initiative today. This is a signal both to Donbass and to Crimea: You are inalienable parts of Ukraine,” Mr. Poroshenko said of the new law.

Is there any coincidence that Mr. Poroshenko makes these statements at the same time U.S. National Security H.R. McMaster promises the Ukrainian battalions highly advanced weapons? Who could be so cynical?

Western Europe has lost the will to exist as a culture, and is busy importing as many Islamic migrants from North Africa and the Middle East as possibly. God knows why, but that is what they are doing, as one capital after the other falls to no-go zones, rape violence, and terror. They won’t solve the conflict in East Ukraine.

Minsk is dead.

As I wrote earlier, overtly providing high-powered weapons to Ukraine has consequences. We are now likely to see all-out warfare in Donbass. How soon will it be before the American hawks start calling for American/NATO troops to buttress Ukrainian forces as the new hi-tech Russian tanks line up for advance on the Ukrainian border?

“We’ll Have To Give Up Crimea To Release Donbass” – Savchenko Causing Controversy Again

If the anti-Russian war hawks in the U.S. government get their way, soon we will have a good-old-fashioned hot war in Europe with once again American boys (and girls this time remember) dying in large numbers fighting for what, Kyiv? Kievan Rus? Read a damn history book why don’t you.

We’re again getting involved in a civil war. It’s stupid. My son’s in the military. I don’t want him dying for some far-away cause celeb. NATO borders are one thing … non-NATO countries are another.

Ukraine is corrupt as Hell. The whole region is corrupt as Hell. It’s not worth his life, as amazing a man as he has become.

Originally posted at The Washington Times

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