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Iranian Resistance Declares Deaths From Chinese Coronavirus In Iran Passes At Least 4,900

Iranian Resistance Declares Deaths From Chinese Coronavirus In Iran Passes At Least 4,900
Workers disinfect Kerman bazaar in Iran against coronavirus 2020-03-09
Image by Mohammad Ali Mohammadian

The Iranian Resistance, who famously outed the regime’s secret nuclear weapons program, has declared at least 4,900 citizens have died due to Chinese coronavirus in direct relation to the corruption of the mullahs in keeping the disease from the population early on, and continuing flights to China.

Reports from hospitals in Babol suggest that hundreds of people have lost their lives, which are not included in the figure above. In Ilam, the death toll at Mustafa Khomeini Hospital is such that the hospital’s morgue lacks the capacity for more bodies. Burying them quickly is also impossible. Information about more fatalities are under investigation and will be reported tomorrow. Nevertheless, only in the city of west-Eyvan at least 20 people have died, and their bodies are dumped in fruit and vegetable Freezers. According to another report from the village of Chowrs in Qarahziyaeddin district in western Azerbaijan Province, with a small population, four members of a family lost their lives, reported the PMOI/MEK.

Hassan Rouhani has distanced himself from the Coronavirus issue since Ali Khamenei (regime Supreme Leader) assigned IRGC Major General Mohammad Bagheri, to run the “Health Command Center.” In a disgusting comment, he said a poll taken from a few million people shows 97% do not have any sign of Coronavirus. In this way, Rouhani inadvertently admitted that three percent of the population, about 2.5 million people, are suspected of being, or infected with the Coronavirus. This is while, under his watch, the Ministry of Health announced on Saturday, March 14 that only 12,729 people were affected and on Sunday, March 15, it raised the number to 13,938.

The regime’s figures and ridiculous narratives they are invoking are so preposterous that they are even dismissed within the regime.  Amir Khasteh, deputy chair of the Parliament’s Article 90 Commission ridiculed claims about the possibility of a biological attack., “Those authorities invoking the bioterrorism narrative as the reason for the Coronavirus outbreak intend to use the foreign enemy as a scapegoat to justify their mismanagement of the crisis… However, it seems lack of planning and expediency across the country is more likely the cause [this crisis],” he said. 

Alireza Zali, head of anti-Coronavirus operation in Tehran said last night on state television, “We wasted a lot of time. There was no agreed-upon unified strategy to use the experience of countries that had success at the frontlines. Perhaps, some measures were taken with considerable delays… We are now seeing a sharp surge in the number of (Coronavirus) patients in Tehran, with the highest rate, compared to other provinces … and we may risk exhausting our medical staff in the future.”

“We have to admit that we have missed the golden opportunity and we have to make up for it … The number of infected people is on the rise … We have reached an epidemic. Mashhad’s medical staff are very exhausted. An epidemic is an ominous word. This could get out of our control”, Mohammad Reza Kalaie, the mayor of Mashhad, said today.

The reaction from the Iranian population, after the crisis is over, will not forget what has happened to their families. The regime knows this and therefore increasing repressive measures.

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