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Iran Revolution Update: Over 750 Killed. 4,000 Wounded. 12,000 Arrested. Zarif Cancels Trip To Italy.

Iran Revolution Update:  Over 750 Killed.  4,000 Wounded.  12,000 Arrested.  Zarif Cancels Trip To Italy.

The revolution in Iran continues, even out of sight of the corrupt media in the West, who went all-in for the Iranian regime during the Obama Administration. Reports from Iran confirm over 750 protesters killed, over 4,000 wounded, and 12,000 arrested.

The Iranian Resistance, or the People’s Mujahadeen of Iran, otherwise known as the MEK, provided the following statement from their spokesman today regarding Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif’s cancellation of his trip to Europe due to the civil unrest and the regime’s murderous response.

Shahin Gobadi, press spokesman of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran said today, “Javad Zarif is the chief apologist of the religious dictatorship ruling in Iran on the international arena. He called off his trip in fear of the expression of outrage on the international level over the regime’s crimes. During the November nationwide uprising in Iran, at least 750 protesters were confirmed killed by the repressive forces, according to the network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) inside the country. The actual number of victims is much higher. At least 12,000 protesters were arrested and more than 4,000 wounded. Subsequent to partial opening of the Internet in Iran, more details of the crimes perpetrated by the regime against the defenseless protesters is coming to light.

The protests were a turning point in the struggle of the Iranian people against the ruling theocracy. There is a new balance of power between the people and the resistance on the one hand, and the regime on the other. Despite ruthless crackdown, the clerical regime cannot to contain the situation and it constantly expresses its paranoia of another public eruption.

Javad Zarif and all of the officials of the regime must be held accountable for crimes against humanity. Any invitation to these criminals amounts to complicity in the crimes perpetrated by this regime. The mullahs’ regime must be banished by the international community.”   

Quotes from the regime below show the Mullahs are threatened by the uprising.

Speaking at the Friday prayer congregation in Tehran, the prayer leader Ali Akbari expressed panic over the extensive dimensions of the Iranian people’s uprising. “This episode involves a very dangerous planning. They have spent a lot of money, provided precise training and logistical support. It was, in their own words, the result of two years of extensive organizational work, identifying [targets], training, equipping and arming… It was a very dangerous and planned conspiracy,” he said. While demanding that the protesters be executed, Akbari added, “The sentence of waging war on God [execution] – the pinnacle of Islamic punishments – is being considered for these people…. The Judiciary must arrest these people and act quickly.”

November 27, Regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei described the uprising as “a deep, vast, and dangerous conspiracy” in which “the enemies had invested heavily to plan.” Simultaneously, Rouhani said, “The enemy trains, sends money and equipment… Those detained must come and explain to the people. Here, I instruct the Intelligence and Interior ministries that those arrested on the scene, those leading [the protests] from their homes, those who had stockpiled lots of weapons in their homes, those who were members of teams, must come and tell people about all of it.”

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